Fern Ridge Shores RV Park – Veneta, OR


Fern Ridge Shores RV Park is a small campground located on a lake in Veneta. They have a swimming area, but I wouldn’t swim in it… the water looked too dirty. The manager was a little difficult to deal with. I arrived around noon and I had a reservation. When I checked in, the manager made a big issue about only being able to accept "local" credit cards. I finally offered my VISA (which was NOT "local") and the manager indicated they could take that.This park is open around April or May through October. It appeared that most of the spots here were occupied by "residents" who had their RV set up with porches and decks built onto them. I’m actually surprised there were ANY overnight spots here at all!

Park has full water, electric, sewer, and cable, but I had to "hunt" for the cable hookup. Each site has a small storage building. It appears that if you stay here awhile, you could probably store things in the small building, bring your own lock.

There is a pay phone if needed. The laundry was pretty cheap as of this writing, but if you want HOT water, you have to insert an extra quarter above the amount specified. There are plenty of trees for shade.

My computer detected an unsecured wireless system for the park, but I was unable to connect to it. Other residents said they either didn’t use it, or thought you needed a "code" for it. I asked the manager, who said you had to be within "line of site" of the WAP. I sat right under the WAP, and still couldn’t connect.


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