Heceta Beach RV Park – Coast Ranges, OR


If you want to be close to the beach and that’s the most important thing, then Heceta Beach RV Park is a good place. You don’t have a beach view, but it’s just a short walk to the beach. The park is somewhat cramped and cumbersome to maneuver through, but I have been in worse.

When you enter the park, the "Check in line" is a VERY sharp hard left turn. (There is a second entrance that is easier, if you know about it ahead of time.) On the other hand, the RV spaces are long, and can accommodate big rigs. There were a lot of "big rigs" here during my stay. I would have loved to see how they maneuvered around and got into their spaces as it was difficult with my 30 foot. The spaces are close together, but there is some attempt at privacy by having very tall shrubs and trees between the spaces. My cat was entertained! Spots are gravel and mostly back-in with a few "pull-throughs." Each space has a picnic table and a small fire ring.

Try to avoid getting placed in spots 41, 42, and 31, as those spaces are right next to the restrooms and people will walk through your site to go to the restrooms. Some spaces are full hookup to include cable, some are water and sewer (and cable) only.

This park also has tent spaces if you have children who would like to have their own spot away from the adults! The laundry and restrooms were fairly clean, but not perfect. The laundry room is small (two washers two dryers) and during my stay, one of the washers was out of service. The state of Oregon emphasizes recycling, and this park had some recycle containers next to the garbage area. There is a pay phone available in case your cell phone provider doesn’t cover this area.

There is a fairly well stocked mini mart, but as mini marts go, it’s overpriced as usual. Propane service is available, but I didn’t check prices. The cable service is decent, and if you have an HD-ready TV with you, you will also get the HD stations and audio stations. As of this writing, this park does not have WiFi, but they have a modem hookup in a desk in the office. They supply the phone cable, you just hook up your computer and use your dial-up software. Staff is friendly and helpful!



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