Andersen’s RV Park – Long Beach, WA

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Andersen’s RV Park is located in Long Beach, WA. The good news is… the spots are quite level considering you are on a gravel pad! I parked, put my “level” in the freezer, and it was DEAD ON! The bad news is… your front yard is also someone else’s back yard. What do I mean by this? Your neighbor’s picnic table is right next to YOUR utility pole, and on the other side of your RV, YOUR picnic table is next to your neighbor’s utility pole. A little inconvenient, but this configuration allows the RV park to put the spaces closer together. The park is located about three and a half miles past Long Beach, on the dunes. You back your RV right up to the dunes, and walk to the beach. On the down side, it’s outside of town, in case you need any supplies or food. There is a very cheap bus (Route 20, fare is 35 cents as of this writing) that operates on weekdays and Saturdays between Oysterville and Illwaco and goes past the RV park. However, the schedule has varying intervals and last bus is 6:00 PM.

The RV park has wireless, but I had trouble connecting. I took my computer outside and got it working, then it worked inside the RV. Who knows? Excellent cable selection, about 80 channels. If you need to use the restrooms or the laundry room, the park will issue you a key (which you have to remember to return when you leave….). The laundry room and bathrooms weren’t the greatest, but then again, this area is popular for clam digging, so keeping restrooms and showers clean is difficult. For washing clothes, all you get is cold water in the laundry room.

The park has 50 amp and 30 amp connections. I tried to use the 50 amp connection, it didn’t work and I had to use the 30 amp connection. The manager came by to test it, and stated that it was working properly. Who knows?

The park sells propane on site, price is higher than elsewhere. There is a large sandlot for children to play in. This park has recycle bins for those who wish to recycle.



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