Cape Disappointment State Park – Ilwaco, WA


We just visited Cape Disappointment State Park for our first time, last weekend in May *before* the Memorial Day weekend.  It was pretty full over the weekend but the weekdays were quieter.

We were so close to the ocean, it was really awesome.  Great kite flying by the way.  No cell reception at the campsite but if you go to the lighthouses or even the store in the park, you can get reception no problem.  TV reception was spotty… Astoria broadcasts a couple stations in old analog (yes, as in not digital).  Fox, NBC and ABC.  We were also able to pick up their HD PBS station most of the time.

As mentioned in other reviews, the park is big…lots of things to see, lots of trails, etc.  The bathrooms and showers are nice and clean, although the lights are on automatic timers that seem to shut off after 10 seconds of no motion.

No problems with our sewer hose… it’s towards the back of the site but we reached okay with a 20′ hose.  If we didn’t have 20′, we’d have been in trouble though, so have enough sewer hose available.  50A as well as 30 and 20, so no probs there.  Good water pressure, but we had a regulator to limit us to 50 psi, so not sure what it actually was coming out.

The store is cute and has typical camping supplies as well as convenience store items, so they probably have what you need in general.  The laundry is right next door.  We didn’t check it out but it looked nice and clean.

The pizza place in the park is open Thu-Sun only and the guy running the place is super nice.  It’s not at all what I expected…this is honest to goodness gourmet pizza and they have a few other things.  He did advise that you should put in orders early in the day if you expect to have dinner because it’s so popular they may sell out early in the day.

We looked at the tent and yurt sites and they looked nice too, so if that’s how you roll, you should be fine too.  All in all, it was a really nice 1st experience and we’ll definitely plan to return.  Sites 11-20 have nice beach access, but maybe I shouldn’t tell you that so we’ll have a better chance at reserving those.   They all offered decent privacy, but of course some more than others.



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