Lake Wenatchee State Park – Lake Wenatchee, WA

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The North Entrance to Lake Wenatchee State Park contains the RV spots, both utility and non-utility. The South entrance appears to be only for tents. The “utility” spots are located on the outer edge of Loop 1 and Loop 2 of the North Entrance. The utility sites contain a “half circle” RV parking spot, on dirt, where you “bend” your RV around the half circle in order to connect to the post (more difficult with the larger rigs!). The “half circle” was very uneven, but it’s a forest, what can you expect? I use Lynx Blocks and I gave up trying to get level. But, on the good side, along with your RV parking spot, you get a very spacious picnic area and a tent pad. TV reception via antenna was sufficient, not perfect, but sufficient. You can get the networks and PBS. A popular lake and boat ramp are within walking distance, and there is a store for some supplies. If you choose to dry camp, the non-utility sites in the North Entrance have good back-in slots with the same spacious picnic area and tent pad.

There are sufficient trees for adequate shade, but spaced far enough apart that privacy is compromised. You can see all your neighbors and they can see you! The reason for the trees being spaced apart is the result of a posted forest management plan which actually made sense to me, even though I’m not a botanist or vegetation expert. I enjoyed my stay despite sleeping very unlevel.


  1. The posted review was my review from 2006. I stayed there again in 2008. This is a very popular park in the summer. It’s so popular that “reserved” signs don’t always get posted at the camping sites. At the park entrance, there is a sign specifying that if you don’t have a reservation, you can pull into an “unmarked” site, but you are still required to check the “posted list” at the pay station. This applies both to the utility and regular sites. I didn’t have a reservation and I had to move twice because an unmarked site ended up being on the “posted” list as “reserved.” Although Site 120 is a utility site, don’t go in it, unless you are desperate or in a tent. That one is the worst for not being level. I recommend that you use this one for tent camping only. That entire area of Site 120 is a very steep “dip” and I don’t see how any type of RV or trailer can get level on that one. I had pulled into this slot, and ended up moving a third time after deciding I couldn’t deal with the “dip” in that site. I eventually found a site I could stay in. The “community waste dump” at the entrance of the park is set up so that two RV’s can dump at the same time, and it doesn’t matter which way they come in.


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