Mount St. Helens RV Park – Castle Rock, WA


I love the terraces at this park! It’s set on a steep hillside, with a wonderful view of the valley. However, highly recommend you chock your tires as all the sites are “back in” and you don’t want to roll over those steep banks! I have a 31 foot Class C with a bike rack, and my back end was suspended out over the bank.

The sites are close together with a row of arborvitaes making an attempt at separation and privacy between sites. If you have slides on both sides, you will probably just fill the width. Some of the sites are difficult to back into. I made it after a couple of tries. However, I watched a very nice 5th Wheel that had a “monster size” matching truck attempt to back in with great difficulty. If you have a toad, or you use a car to pull a trailer, there isn’t a lot of room to park the car in your space.

The laundry rooms and shower/bathrooms were very clean. However, there is a charge for the showers. The trash receptacles were located inside wooden gated boxes to hide them from view. Also, from a business standpoint, this park took an interesting position on the “should WiFi be free or not” issue. The WiFi is locked down with a code. If you want the code, you pay a dollar. Only a dollar, and that dollar is good for the duration of your stay, be it one night or lots of nights! Even though I despise paying “nickel and dime” fees, I found this approach to be quite fair! And the WiFi worked great! Further, even if traveling in winter, recommendations recommended, as this park appears to stay busy what with being five miles from Mt. St. Helens Visitors Center.

And finally, I want to note one “watch out” factor for those who travel solo. When you leave the park, and come to the gas station to make your right turn to get on the road to head back to the freeway, there is one additional road merging in from the right that is at such a steep angle, it is difficult to see in your mirrors as to whether anyone is coming on that road or not. For those traveling solo, be very, very careful at that point before you make your right turn to head back to the freeway.



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