Palouse Falls State Park – Lyons Ferry, WA

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If you like to be alone, Palouse Falls State Park is just for you, at least when we were there last October. There are no hookups and you park your rig in the parking lot, (tent sites are on grass). The only other folks we saw, took one look at the park and decided to move on.

Now the road (Highway 261) to the park from the south (town of Starbucks) has this bridge 1000′ over the Snake River and it is not for the faint of heart and no place to meet an 18 wheeler like we did.The road off the highway, is gravel and dirt but very do’able. You might meet a grazing cow who will take his/her time moving off the road. Wildlife is abundant, and the falls are spectacular. The trail to the falls is wheelchair accessible.


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