Paradise Point State Park – Woodland, WA


Ah…… the aroma of pine trees, lots of them! Fresh air! The smell of wood crackling on a campfire. There is just one more thing needed to make this scene complete: the thunderous roar of a jillion vehicles driving north and south on Interstate 5 to take you back to the reality you wanted to escape! Yes, folks, if you want “balance” in your life, this is the place to come! Both the utility (Sites 1-20) and standard (Sites 21-69) camping slots have an asphalt paved pad and can accommodate RV’s (but don’t count on the asphalt pad being level!!!). Also, both the utility and standard slots have a fire ring and a large picnic table plus plenty of room to pitch a tent next to your RV if you want. Two of the sites include use of a Yurt ($49 for the Yurt as of this writing). The only escape from the road noise is to camp in the “primitive” area (spots 70-79). The “primitive” sites have a tent pad, picnic table, and fire ring. All campers for those spots park in one special marked place, and then “hike it in” along a trail with spot 70 being the closest and spot 79 being the farthest down the trail. I noticed that between primitive spots 74 and 75, there was a piece of dead tree trunk with lots of moss growth, and this dead tree trunk was sitting in such a way that it would make a great “fort” for children to play in.

At the upper end of the campground, there is an open area with picnic tables and an amphitheater. Also, you can either take a walk or drive about a mile down a road to kind of a “hidden valley” with a romantic picnic area next to a river. This picnic area would be the perfect place to propose marriage! That is…… if you can make yourself be heard over the roaring thunder of the vehicles traveling over the concrete/steel bridge way up there in the air. If you want some solitude, take the hiking trail along the river in the “hidden valley,” and go as far as you can on it. You will find some great seclusion spots where you can view the river or go fishing; and the peace and quiet will be occasionally interrupted by the sound of a small airplane flying overhead. Warning, the hiking trail is moderately strenuous. Be sure you have fully functional legs, lungs, and heart. It’s worth it for the peace and quiet.

There is a propane facility in a gas station located one mile outside the park. The utility sites have water and electric only. The sewer dump for the park is tricky to drive through if you are staying on the lower loop. Good luck if you are over 30 feet! If you are on the upper loop, it’s a straight shot in. There are recycling stations next to the garbage cans for the environmentally conscious. Television reception is kind of fuzzy if you don’t have satellite. If you have a high definition ready television, you will pick up a few HD channels. Seriously, this would be a great getaway if it weren’t for the freeway!


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