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I had originally intended to go to Omak, but I passed Riverbend RV Park on the way and it was quite a find! Other parks in the area were booked full, so I was quite surprised that this park had a few spots open, to include spots right on the river! On a Friday night in August!

There were plenty of shade trees. It was quite peaceful, and just what I needed. Each site has a picnic table and fire ring. I had space #9. It’s the best river spot, as there are no trees to obstruct your view. But the down side to space #9 is on weekends, people will walk in front of your RV to get to the river. Oh well. There is also a tent area in the back of the park, along the river. There is also a covered pavilion with a propane grill for group events. For families with children, there is a play area in the back of the park.

Check in was great, I got a personal escort to my sight. Normally you get that in more “extravagant” parks. I noted a sign that said “wireless available.” Guess what, it was FREE! A bonus, as I was not expecting ANY wireless service in this part of the state (valley surrounded by Cascade Mountains). The wireless is locked down with a code to prevent people not staying at the park from using it.

The rate I am showing is the rate for a river spot before Good Sam discounts. Twisp and Winthrop, which are both great “tourist” places, are close by. However, if you have only a bicycle for transportation, well, Highway 20 is pretty busy.

The women’s restroom was clean and acceptable. The park charges 75 cents for a 7 and a half minute shower. The laundry room close to my spot was small with three washers, two dryers, and a deep sink. Outside this laundry room there is a sink for cleaning fish. There is another, nicer, larger laundry room with a library at the back of the park. At $2 for wash and $1.50 for drying (45 minutes), the laundry prices were a bit steep.

The park does not have cable, but you can get the networks and PBS over the antenna. In reading the rules, this park charges a “guest charge”($5 per) for daytime guests, and they must leave by 10:00 PM. Not an issue for me as I was not expecting guests, but thought this should be mentioned. The park rules also state that you will be charged an “early check in” fee if you come before 2:00. I don’t know if this is enforced, as I noticed during my weekend stay that other RV’s came in before 2:00.

This park had some “park models” and mobile homes with permanent residents, but still had plenty of spots for overnighters. My cat had a medical emergency and the owners let me have “in and out ” privileges during my stay, as I don’t tow a car. Lastly, I do want to mention the wonderful vet in Twisp (Valley Veterinary), who came in on a Saturday to handle my cat’s medical emergency.


  1. I would never recomend this Riverbend RV to anyone. We made reservations for 3 nights and on the second day we had guests coming by for lunch and Cheryl the owner made a huge scene. We weren’t aware that a day guest meant no matter how long they were there and when are guests went to park next to our vehicle Cheryl the owner flew off her golf cart screaming at the top of her lungs and hitting our guests car over them parking on the lawn, she could have done it more proffesionally. After this outburst from the owner Cheryl we packed up and left, she scared us badly. This park will nickel and dime you if you wish to have a good time. I have never seen a owner of an establishment go so unbalanced in our life time. There are other campgrounds around use them as this park is not for a good time.

    • Just a follow up on this. The reviewer was told of the guest policy upon arrival, and they were told they were responsible for their guests following the park rules. The reviewer did not mention the part where their guests did not stop at the sign that reads “everyone” must stop and register before entering the park. AND that they drove across an irrigation hose and parked right on the grass, even though there was lots of parking in our parking area. I was standing right there talking to her when he did that. I waved for him to stop, and to not park there, when he drove around me over the hose and onto the grass. Yes I was upset and totally out of line for shouting, but seriously people. When you are visiting a place of business, follow the rules. The rules are in place to make the establishment enjoyable for everyone, not just one family group that decides the rules are not for them. We have day use fees in effect to keep people from PACKING the place and making it less enjoyable for the people that paid to use the place. People that stop at the office and check in are usually given a free pass if they will only be a few hours, and only a few guests per site.


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