Suncrest Resort – Moses Lake, WA


Located right off I-90 and just west of Moses Lake, Suncrest is a large resort with easy access on and off the freeway. The spaces are average size, with water, electricity, sewer and free WiFi. It doesn’t have cable TV and I notice that most folks have a satellite dish. They have a great pool and spa.

They offer Good Sam, Passport America and Coast to Coast discounts but only give Good Sam discounts in summer.

There is a park on Moses Lake about a mile away, not a bad walk if you need some exercise. The park has a boat ramp and swimming hole.

This is a great overnight spot for those traveling on I-90.


  1. For all you Canadians out there that are looking for hot, hot weather +35 in July-August, and no wasps or mosquitoes during the day you need to consider Suncrest Resort. We have come here for three years in a row 1100km from our Edmonton home and there is a reason for returning here. The green grass as you step out of your RV, the clean campground, the very clean washroom and free hot showers are a plus. The laundry room is only $1.25 for each machine and the store doesn’t jack up prices for supplies. The best for last is the large pool and huge hot tub that offers a chance to relax. Lots of USA campgrounds don’t have numerous pools. Too bad the pools didn’t stay open till 9pm. Staff have always been polite, for being a Canadian I don’t demand a lot.

  2. This was the worst camping experience we’ve ever had. It’s a nice campground, but the hosts were beyond rude. The female host stated to me “If you don’t like it here, then leave” when I asked yesterday morning about a loud neighbor who was outside talking with friends until 1:30 AM Friday night. When water wasn’t available and I asked about a way to fill my RV fresh water tank she again stated “If you don’t like it here, then leave”. I will never stay here again, and would recommend you stay away until current camp host is replaced. Save yourself a headache (and $40/night) by going somewhere else.

  3. They only give Good Sam in the Summer? Wow. I stayed there in the winter when they have “limited” services and you have to self register. I “took” my Good Sam Discount anyway!


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