Mack’s Pines – Dover, AR

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We arrived at Mack’s Pines after being on the road all day and battling traffic jams. The staff was very nice and very matter of fact.

There is a restaurant of such a small campground store. I was fine with all of that. Then we come to our site. The driveways are gravel and clay. Very rough. The sites are undeveloped. The site just barely fit our forty foot rig. Our jacks were up as high as they could go and tires were off the ground. Finally hubby fixed that but rig still feels rocky to me.

This unknown to us is a side by side ATV Park. This place is full of them. We are the only people here without one. We used passport America for one night.

I would not stay here again but the people who are here are having a blast. We will tell our friends who do have an ATV about Mack’s Pines RV Park.


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