Garden of the Gods Campground – Colorado Springs, CO


The good news is…. this park finally got cable! The bad news is…. that red stuff on the “decorative red gravel” gets all over your RV and it’s hard to keep clean! The red gravel is a nuisance! As for the cable, currently it is installed in rows B and C. The cable is limited, just some networks, Travel, CNN, Discovery, Weather, and some “who cares” channels.

Each RV spot has a picnic table and fire ring. The spots in Row A are against the fence which backs up to a busy road. Those spots appeared quite narrow and small. I was in Row B (a “Deluxe” site, also “back in”), and I could still hear some road noise, but not bad. At the time I checked in, I was told that the “pull throughs” were not available. That would be Rows D, N, and M. Those sites are “Premium” and are extra long. At the time I was there, it appeared to me that their “Premium” sites were being converted to “back to back” sites because there was evidence of “recent ground disturbance” down the center of Rows D, N, and M, dividing the rows in half. In those rows, the electrical poles had two sides with two connections, same with the water spout. A contractor was there doing some “sewer work” on Row D. Who knows.

There are two laundry/rest room areas, but at the time I was there, only the one near the office was being used, and it required a code. The one on the other end was locked, did not appear to require a “code”, and appeared to not be in use at this time (off season). The washers in the office area have three different prices, depending on whether you want cold ($1.25), warm ($1.75), or hot ($2.25) water. However, the washers were those great front loaders! The dryers were those huge commercial type ones. The sign says you get 5 minutes for each quarter, but that wasn’t true. It was actually 5 minutes for the FIRST quarter. Subsequent quarters added 10 minutes. $1.25 gets you 45 minutes and I dried three washer loads on that. However, some of my clothing got a bit “fried” when I used the “hot” setting on the dryer.

The park has a pay phone if you need. I was told WiFi is free if you come in the office, if you want it at your site, it’s through Tengo and you pay. However, from my site in the upper part of Row B, I was able to detect an unsecured wireless on a sporadic basis. I’m not sure if this unsecured wireless belonged to the park. When I couldn’t get that signal, Verizon Aircard worked fine.

There is a public transit stop with frequent service right outside the gate for those that don’t tow a car. Also, the campground staff told me that Enterprise delivers rental cars there for those who need that option. During “off season,” I paid $28 (plus taxes, and they don’t honor any discounts) for the “Deluxe” site. I believe it’s almost double during “high” season. Good value for the money during “off season.” Don’t think I’d want to be here during “high season.”


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