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Poche Plantation Camping RV Park – Convent, LA


Poche Plantation is a National Historic Victorian Mansion located in the Heart of Plantation Country. I know now is owned by Mark, one crazy character and I mean that in a delightful crazy fun kind of way.

We called the lovely Poche Plantation home for four nights last week and left feeling like we were family. I talked to Mark on the phone several times while arranging this trip and we followed him to our nice shaded concrete site, set up and plugged in. He drives a golf cart over about 30 minutes and he tells us to pay when we leave. Puzzled I asked not now and he said cause y’all bout to have dinner. I said we just arrived and may cook later but quickly Mark said, ya’ll like food, don’t y’all? And then before anyone could even respond he said how bout music y’all ain’t got no time for that, then why y’all in Louisiana and here if “ain’t none of y’alls got time for that”? Mark was not asking nor was he suggesting.

He booked us for some guided plantation house tour this Saturday. He said bring a camera or it will cost $50.00 per person and since we traveled this trip tow carless he offered and gave us a lift to a famous resturant called, Hymels Seafood. There we listened to some good cajun musicians and the whole night for myself was surely an unexpected delightfully uplifting fun night. Jeez did I use enough adjectives? So we did what we told our children never to do, we got in a car with a stranger and got dropped off at the front door of a capacity filled Seafood restaurant where the drinking glasses looked like big fish bowls and many people had several empty fishbowls in front them. The shimp platter was grand, tasty, fullfilling and compted to make me go back to 1977. Growing up in this place, along the grand Mississippi must be a feeling like Huck Finn woukd love.

We went to the plantation tour sSaturday morning because when Mark came to pick us up and he kept telling us we were registered for six adults and the cook might come and make some morning coffee for us. This guy was not your average tour guide he was/is very funny, he had us in stitches during the entire 90 minutes of his imaginary tour that involves ghost, spies, murdered guest, and the historic graveyard we walked in setup a serious of hilarious situation as we reflected on our two day drive home, we couldn’t help but laugh some more. And yes, we visited the 200+ year old Grotto all made with sugar cane all within a short walk from our RV Site we heard the bells signifying 12 noon as well as the sounds of the famous, one of a kind, and a must see and hopefully hear this “Pipe Organ”.

We hiked the river, we biked to Manreasa on cool river view bike trails, we saw a 16′ gator as well as a bear, crawfish and then a bear cub all carved in massive trees. Those carvings are beautifully done another must see. We went in the pool, yes the hot tub too while Momma sunbathed on a large sun deck area while my oldest used the guest kitchen in the Rec House. I don’t swim long on days where you can watch NASCAR in the Poche Movie Rooms large screen. It’s race day and I never seen a race on a 84″ TV.

And at a RV Park? Yep I say it is not a park, but a resort. The whole experience is quite unique as staying on a historic actual plantation and meeting the owner was cool. We know we going back to this place and have already told some friends but what was really different was we felt lie we were not just gonna come back to stay but also to see a “new friend”, Mr. Mark, who we just had a great time and who treated us like family… Great experience…. Thanks

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  1. Jennifer says

    You would not refer to Ponce as a “RESORT”. I don’t know where you got your picture but it sure is NOT the place I’m staying at tonight.

    For example… my site is not shaded (nor are the others around me). The hot tub is full of stagnant water and leaves (they say in their brochure they have a new 12-seater but I haven’t found it. When I asked about breakfast as described on the website, the answer was “UH-UH no breakfast”!

    If you are interested in updated pics let me know, I plan to take some tomorrow… I think it is a rip off at $40 a night!

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