American RV Resort – Albuquerque, NM

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We stayed at American RV Resort for several months. We were in Albuquerque to visit with family, but inquired about workcamping positions at the park. This was our 4th workcamping position, so we were experienced and felt the park was a nice place to both live and work.

The park is clean, friendly, and we were well treated. The restrooms are roomy, with lots of warm water, and are kept very clean. The weather was pretty rough for awhile, but the park worked hard at keeping the roads in the park open and everyone comfortable. It is not easy to keep everyone happy, and we saw our share of rude campers who expected everything done their way.

We feel that American RV Park is a good park with good people who did their best most of the time to accommodate everyone. The managers are spending a lot of time updating the park and it really shows. Be sure to give it a try and make your own decisions.


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