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SeaBreeze RV Park – Portland, TX

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SeaBreeze RV Park – Portland, TX

Reservations were easy, check in was quick and we were escorted to our site. Our site was in one of the better areas of the park and near their fishing pier. Beautiful views.

They were busy because of a convention in town but it appeared that they were not very conscious of the litter by the pier and around sites, mowing was done in common areas but grass was tall around utilities. Amenities were very nice, restrooms clean. Every time I wanted to use the pool it was closed for one reason or another… during regularly scheduled hours. Wifi did not work for the six days I was there.

Nevertheless, unless you go to Rockport or Port A, this is really the best of the RV parks in the Corpus area. I would go there again and would request the RV sites near the office and pier.

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  1. This was the dirtiest park I have ever stayed in. Lots of garbage in the bay, while we were there someone had thrown two office chairs in the bay. There is tons of building material garbage such as bricks, concrete slabs, etc. Also the park is littered with cigarette butts and dog pooh. The owners collect corvettes and have the corvette club meetings at the park, it was fun to see the collection of old cars and the owners and residents are Some of the nicest people you will ever meet. However it would be nice if they would put some money into the park. The roads are like muddy concrete with a little gravel mixed in. The rv sites are not paved and average width is 24′ They didn’t mow the whole two months we were there, they did weed whack but left the cuttings. They allowed a white pit bull to run in the park. It apparently belonged to a resident living on the edge of the park. There was at least a half dozen wild cats running loose. The road leading into the park is poorly paved and is very un-level and potty. The houses along the road are UN-kept poverty level properties. The pool was heated and very nice, however the hot tub was often needing service and several times very dirty. Definitely not to health standards. The laundry room and showers were adequate, but could use some updating.

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