HideAway Lake RV Park – Tornillo, TX


It may be a great little fishing spot, but please be warned, it comes up as an RV Park – it is NOT!

We were driving through South Texas, very tired and needing an RV park, any park. Exhausted. Put in “RV Park” into our phone, HideAway Lakes RV park popped up. We turned down a very rutted, rough dirt road (glad we were not towing – would have been very difficult to get down the road), drove through an orchard, turned left and found ourselves in the middle of the orchard with two little muddy ponds.

Locals were fishing in the ponds. My husband paid the young lady at the front, got back in the RV and told me to drive around to the end of the little fishing pond where our “deluxe” space was supposed to be. I asked him how much it was. $70. $70! They charged a $10 cat fee for our pet.

We drove around the back, did not see any numbers on “spots,” did not see any electrical boxes, no hose hookups, etc. It was described as a “deluxe” spot, we couldn’t even find the spot! Finally got out, when up to find the young lady again (who had said she was immediately coming out to unlock the electric box but was still in the booth, talking with another young lady).

We expressed our dismay that there were no electrical boxes, very little shade, no water, etc. And mostly about being charged $70! The most we had paid EVER was $40 at an RV park. She apologized for the lack of water, said we could fill up on city water in their office.

The “electricity” was one box in the back, not an RV-park-type box at individual spaces, just the general electric for the fishing pond. Oh, and no bathrooms, just a row of several portapotties. We very nicely told her this was not an RV park, and asked for our money back. She was very polite, called her mom (who, I guess, runs it), and said that yes, we would be refunded.

I expressed surprise that they would charge $60 a night (70 with pets) for no water, very little shade, no real RV spot, just portapotties. She was a very nice girl, and we appreciated her mother giving us our money back. But we felt compelled to warn people that this is basically just a local fishing hole where people come to day-fish. NOT an RV park! And to charge $60, definitely a rip-off!

Drive on 20 minutes to El Paso. I hate giving such negative reviews, especially for small businesses, and hopefully they will be able to eventually equip it with regular RV park amenities, but even then, they need to come down about $30, at least. And they need to not advertise it as an RV park until they do get these basic amenities.


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