Holiday Shores Campground & Resort – Wisconsin Dells, WI


Holiday Shores Campground & Resort - Wisconsin Dells, WisconsinWhat more could you want? To start out with I love the tall Pine trees along the river that make you feel like you are out West in a National Park. Holiday Shores Campground is one of my favorite places to camp.

There are plenty of activities for the kids here including a very nice swimming pool. They have firetruck rides (in lieu of your standard hay ride) twice a week. Also, you’ll find rentals of all kinds at this campground from pontoons to speed boats.

The resort has a friendly, customer oriented staff! We even caught several fish from the back of our campsite! Don’t miss the fresh donuts made every morning that rival Krispy Creme. Oh, and don’t forget, it’s just ten minutes away from Wisconsin Dells.

We’ve booked this summer’s stay here already. This will make it our 5th stay here. I recommend Holiday Shores Campground to all of my camping friends!


  1. I just got back today… this campground was dirty and crowded. Everyone is stacked in like sardines. The staff was borderline rude. If you ask for any service they are quick to respond, but they act as if your inconviencing them. I brought a party of 12. We were all disappionted. The photos in the online ads are extremely disceiving. They appear to be taken at close distance so that you can’t see the entire site. The pool area is nice but it is completely surrounded by tent sites. They do have a dock but they charge extra to use it. Good luck taking your trailer to your campsite. The roads only allow one vehicle at a time and the turns are extremely tight. The tents are maybe 5 feet from the road, but that’s because your car is parked in between the road and the tent. Then there is the golf carts. For a charge of $55 a day you can rent a golf cart and play death race 2000. We sat on the porch of our mobile units which at a cost of $125.00 per day (hot water at their option) placing bets on how long it would be before someone was hit. It took about 48 hours. A small boy was hit but I am unsure if it was the golf cart or the fire engine they use to give engine rides. The injury was farely serious… my sister was the nurse who assisted the family. They rushed him to the hospital. I should’nt complain. We did have the best units in the entire park, directly in front of the laundry. That area is kept clean and wide open. That area is very close to the owner sites. which have their own private entrance. I’m looking at the photos in the brochure as I type this. Those were taken at very close range. Drive through this place before you book your vacation. They have a no refund policy on your deposit which starts at $50 for tent sites and one nights stay for all the others. Cancellations have to be made 30 days in advance. You do not get your deposit back.


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