Hill Country RV Resort and Events Center – Medina, TX


Stayed at Hill Country RV Resort and here is my review:

Facilities: Decent enough, but many of the handles and faucets were installed backwards, and my ”cabin” (more like low-rent borderline section-8 housing), number 37, had dried tile-glue all over the floor. Very unprofessional.

Cleanliness: Whoever does the cleaning should get a raise. It really surprised me at how clean the showers and bathrooms are for a place like this.

Site: As I said: my cabin had dried tile glue all over the floor. On top of that, the AC unit clearly hadn’t been cleaned in months, if not a year. I had to clean it myself in order to make it actually blow, as the maintenance man was a no-show, and the manager was somewhere between dismissive and annoyed about it when I brought it up with her.

Friendliness: Easily the worst aspect of my stay at this RV park. Not only were the staff unfriendly and on-edge, but the manager, Karen, was rather abrasive and curt with me when I tried to talk to her about the porch in front of my cabin, which is falling apart (unfortunately, the same of true of most of the other cabins a well). I had to avoid some of the missing boards to keep my foot from falling through, and when I asked her if there were any plans to repair or replace it, she simply threw up one of her hands and walked off, saying: ”If you don’t like it, you can leave.” I didn’t appreciate this attitude of hers one bit.

Rates: It’s reasonably cheap for an RV park in Texas hill country, and it’s one of the few places left that doesn’t charge you extra for electricity usage (which used to be the norm for RV parks before they started getting greedy). This is a big plus for HCREC, and would have resulted in a positive review for this place, if it weren’t for the above-mentioned.

All in all, this has the potential to be a great place for RV’ers, but the awful management and lack of care for even basic facility maintenance left a bad taste in my mouth. I have to wonder if they’re even keeping up with the RV power boxes, as half of the lights on top of them don’t even automatically come on at night.

If I had to rate this park, I would give it a 5/10. It’s not terrible, but it’s not good either. It seems apparent that Hill Country RV resort and Events Center is well past whatever glory days it may have had, and is very much on its way out.

Hill Country RV Resort and Event Center
Address: 17740 TX-16, Medina, TX 78055
Phone: (830) 589-7475



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