Jerico Ranch RV Park – Kenedy, TX

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If u want wifi, laundromat n trees … they dont have any. No shade when it is 108 out. If u want clean bathrooms – bring your own bec they dont have bathrooms either.

Dont drink the water bec it is high in lead and sodium n fertilizers. We tested it every week. If they have a leak they dont warn you to fill ur own tanks so you could be 3 days without cooking, hand washing and showers.

They scraped up all the grass so the entire park is stone and dirt. They spray lots of Roundup to kill the unrelenting pricker growths!

They DO have lots of beautiful birds and some pretty flowers. They DO have really long sites to fit any rv but so narrow u have no yard. Thats ok bec there are no picnic tables either. There is NOTHING outside to do anyway. And you are over an hour to San Antone and 7 miles from the town line of Kenedy. It is a great place to park to go to work. Come home, sleep, and go back to work. New managers. Not friendly but they ARE polite.

Jerico Ranch RV Park
362 Pr 7300
Kenedy, TX 78119
Phone: (830) 299-9719


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