Rockport RV Resort – Rockport, TX


If you are looking for a “Winter Texan” experience in an RV park then RJourney’s Rockport RV Resort is not the spot for you. The management has systematically dismantled the community that took years to develop.

Like lots of RV parks the activities are what makes each place special. Management has decided that the club house should be a profit center and not a spot for the campers to gather. Management is trying to market the clubhouse as an event center they can rent out. When the clubhouse is rented, it is not available for the campers. They have disbanded the sewing club so the room the club used can be turned into a changing room for brides. Management has locked up the pantry in the kitchen. All activities are run by volunteers, most of whom are not returning. As a result, it is unclear what activities will be available going forward.

In order to reserve a site for next year, management is requiring campers to sign a 9 page document that does not accurately reflect what they say is the real agreement. They also require that a deposit of $200 plus one months lot rent be made. Several campers that have tried to express concerns with the new policies have been told, “if you don’t like it you can go elsewhere, your departure will not hurt us”. At least one camper that expressed concerns has been told they cannot return.

This is not a four star park. The facilities are mostly mediocre. The roads in the park are potholes connected by small patches of some type of pavement. The laundry room is small and dated and frequently has machines that are broken. With the exception of the pull through sites and a few back in sites the sites are all gravel with random pieces of broken up concrete for patios. The lawn is a mass of sand baby stickers. If you have a long haired dog plan on spending lots of time removing sand burrs. If you have fire ants on your site you are on your own to handle them. The dog park is a very small enclosure with a woven wire fence mounted on T posts. The pool is very small.

If you are planning on a long term stay, you need to know that RJourney will not accept any mail or packages (Amazon, FedEx, UPS etc.) for you.

With all the problems with the facilities you may wonder why we stayed here for 6 years. It came down to the people that made up the community. But due to managements policies that community can no longer exist. As a result, 50 campers have decided not to return next year.


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