Payne’s RV Park – Theodore, AL

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We stayed at Payne’s RV Park for three nights while visiting relatives in the area.

Be aware that this is an RV park that caters to people working in the various local industries who live here full-time as told to me by the owner after I complained about the following… People come in and out at all times of the night with loud, older cars and trucks. There is much slamming of doors, talking and other associated noise all the time.

Most of the RVs are older and permanently parked as people are living in them and are not traveling. One lady told us she lives here in her RV because she can’t afford to live anywhere else. Last night at 3 am an extremely loud truck with a fifth wheel trailer drove around and around the park and finally settled near us after jacking the trailer back and forth about twenty times. The driver idled the truck continuously for at least an hour while setting up. He then left and came back twice and finally left again. This went on till 5 am. The elderly owner told us it was a trailer deliveryman.

There is duck feces everywhere. The roads are rutted and the facilities are in disrepair. In my opinion, you would do well to avoid this place.


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