Shady Acres – Fort Myers, FL

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I am one that gives reviews continually, both for praise and negativity. Shady Acres is just that…shady!

The best thing about this park is the pool area. The spaces are jammed together. And so your parking is at a premium, they allowed someone to park in our space the entire time we were there; I asked two separate employees to ask it to be moved, nothing was done. I called regarding this several times, and asked for a one night refund to offset the issue, but my calls were never returned. Also keep in mind that if you don’t get there by 5pm (which we were never told) that you will have to camp in there parking lot overnight, even if you have already paid for said night!

Also, be advised they do not have an AED on the property. Keep in mind many retired folks are there for the winter, but they have no medical devices that could save a life.

Due to the lack of staff, rules that apparently don’t apply to everyone and the lack of responsibility to there campers, whether refunds or safety, I would camp on the street first!


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