Camp Venice Retreat – Venice, FL

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I have to agree that there is MUCH room for improvement at this camp. First of all, your GPS/Garmin navigation will try to take you to the end of the road. DO NOT DO THIS. There is a sign for the camp down this road, but it does not tell you which of the three or four options you are supposed to take. It appears that you should go straight, as this is the largest road. DO NOT DO THIS. When you see that second sign, take a hard right. If you miss it, and go straight, be prepared for your Class A motorhome to get stuck under a tree and scrape up the top of your rig and rip your awning. Trust me on that one.

Next, when you do manage to unhook your toad, and turn your rig around in the parking lot of the restaurant at the end of the street, and arrive at the gates; no one is there. Door locked, no one around. I sat there at the gate for a good while before one of the campers offered to help me get in the gate and find my spot. Multiple calls to the office went straight to voicemail and were never returned.

Now let’s talk about the dust. (I know some people have been here during rain and mentioned the pot holes and mud…) yes, all true, but if it hasn’t rained in a while, they do not water or oil the dirt roads. There is dust blowing EVERYWHERE. Everyone’s rigs are covered in dust. Everyone’s tents are covered in dust. The picnic tables, the food, the bikes….. EVERYTHING. Don’t even think about sitting outside….. you will be caked in dust within minutes.

There are also the dangerously low tree limbs as others have mentioned. Also, the park map is not accurate It needs to be re-drawn with all the streets in the correct locations. Also, there are street names on the map, but none on the actual streets so there is no way to tell what street you are on. Also, no indication of which way you must enter your street to have your rig face the right direction. (Normally most places draw a line from the gate to the spot so you can see how to approach). I did it wrong and had to circle around the unnamed streets till I was facing the right way.

All this could have been avoided with better management… or ANY management. I still have yet to see any staff at all. Will update after I’ve been here a few days.


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