Happy Days RV Park – Zephyrhills, FL


We arrived at Happy Days and the woman in the office gave us a list of open sites. She said there was one more 119 but it is reserved for a certain date and we would be gone by then. She told us to go look at the sites and come back. We did and took the 119.

We pulled up by the office a blonde woman was standing there and said that is not acceptable. Evidentally you weren’t supposed to drive through to look at the site. I told her to tell it to the woman in the office. She said what site did you want I said 119. She said you can’t have it. Again I said you better talk to the woman in the office. Well after she settled down we did get the site.

The back roads were narrow. Don’t know how a fire truck would get through in case of a fire. We got to the site and there were 2 golf carts there. I guess we were supposed to wait for them to escort us in but we weren’t told that.

My husband said to get out of the car to watch I don’t hit something. I did. One man said get back in the car. I said NO my husband told me to get out and there is no way I’m getting back in. He stood there did nothing. My husband was backing in on a blind side and got a little crooked. Man by the septic connection passed a comment why is he having a problem parking a little thing like that.

End of story. We will never go back. We didn’t feel they were friendly at all.


  1. in 2oo9 i made reservations at pirit land in myrtle beach s.c.the told me that i coulc bring my golf car.upon arrival whed iregistered in,and went back to my r.v to go to my camp site,the guard told me i could not ride the golf car in the park.i told him that they told me that it was ok to bring it,but said they was no way icould ride it.after talking with those in the office,they still said that i could not ride it in the park,because they rented their own golf cars,so i stayed the weekend and found a koa near there that rented their cars also,but they said that i was welcome to ride mine in the park,which i did.the k.o.a. oark was much nicer with plenty of space between campers..i will never go back to pirate world.they didn,t honor ther word to me,,shame on them..


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