Suncoast RV Resort – Port Richey, FL

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Suncoast is an old and dated KOA park that has been sold numerous times. The sites are too small and management insist on packing in bigger and bigger units.

No-see-ums are bad as are the fleas. Cats run wild and dog owners are not encouraged to pick up dog waste. When it rains it floods, the too narrow roads are higher than the campsites and drainage is poor. Sites are dirt and patio’s insufficient. Because it’s adjacent to a state wilderness area you’ll have racoon’s, possum’s, armidillo’s and snakes of course.

There is too few washers and dryers for the number of sites and there are always a couple of them down not to mention the propane runs out. If you don’t mind being inconvenienced and are looking for a cheap place to stay then this is it for you, at least the cablevision and internet work.


  1. Worst park I ever camped in. I have camped there for two years. Campsites are very small no-see-ems are horrible and the management is less concerning. Stay away from this park at all cost.

  2. We totally disagree with the negative review we just read. We stayed at Suncoast in Port Richey for three months in 2011 – May, June, July. The park is on the smaller side… one of the things we liked about it. It doesn’t sit on concrete in the blazing sun with a tree here and a shrub there, like so many newer and more expensive parks we looked at. We saw beautiful birds and squirrels, no snakes, etc. But what are you doing in an RV park if you want to act like a city-slicker? We saw one pet cat lounging happily on its own site. It was post-season, but there were some dogs, including ours, and we never saw pet waste anywhere. The place was maintained daily. The roads were paved beautifully while we were there. No doubt it gets crowded during the “crowded season,” but again, it’s an RV park, not the Hilton! We’ve stayed at Hiltons, by the way, and prefer Suncoast. The management is excellent, extremely helpful, friendly, hard-working and very competent. We have stayed at larger and newer parks that were okay, but we felt at home at Suncoast and liked it better than any others. P.S. You are in no see’um country… but they’re only little gnats out for a short time in the evening during certain times of the year, just as they are here in CT where we live by the beach. I’d rather have that than live in a concrete park or be saturated with pesticides. If you are looking for the type of park I described, you’ll love this one.


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