KQ Ranch and RV Park – Julian, CA

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We arrived KQ Ranch and RV Park on Wednesday, August 16, and planned to stay until Monday, August 21. The gate keeper assigned our space and also gave us an appointment to attend their membership presentation for 9:30 a.m. the following morning. Both the space assignment and appointment date and time were, according to her, unchangeable. Not good for us as we had planned early morning hikes in different locations for each morning we planned to be there.

We were told to drive into the park and wait at a particular spot for an escort. Fifteen minutes later an older man in a golf cart drove up and, without stopping, waved us to follow him which we did. A few moments later he signaled the location of our place to park and off he went in his golf cart. Nary a word spoken or explanation given. After backing into the space and setting up our coach and outside equipment we noted a couple of things about the space: there was no BBQ and the picnic table was ancient – full of splinters and not level. Little or no shade and definitely little time or effort spent in preparing the site. 2 star quality.

We went for a walk, checked out the clubhouse and pool then walked across the street to the sales office. Once inside I asked the lady at the front desk, “Are all of your presentations scheduled at 9:30 in the morning?” The lady said, in a very condescending voice, “Why? Is your appointment scheduled for tomorrow morning at 9:30?” I replied, “Yes, it is and we would like to make it for a time later in the day if possible as we like to get up early and go on short hikes before it gets hot.” She responded, “Well, your appointment cannot be changed. You have to attend tomorrow morning at 9:30.” I looked at her and asked, “Do you really want potential customers coming to the presentation holding two strikes already against you?” “No sir,” she stated in a very condescending manner, “It’s not two strikes against us but two strikes against you.” To which I said, “Well that attitude makes it three strikes and I think we will find some place else to enjoy.” A man, presumably one of the sales agents, stepped up to the plate and said, “We will call the front gate and informed them of your intention to leave within the hour.” We walked back to our coach, packed and were out of their within 30 minutes. We found a lovely, well-run RV park just down the road. Enjoyed every moment there. Interesting to note that we heard multiple stories of others who had suffered the same attitude from the workers (from the gate keeper on) at KQ.

Last note: they advertise this park as a 5 star facility. It is not. The roads are not maintained neither are the sidewalks. The spaces are cheap looking and unattractive. The BBQs, at the spaces that had them, were old, bent and neglected.

My sister, one of my neighbors and a couple of clients were anxious to hear what we thought about the park as they all were thinking of going. Not any more.


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