Lake Harmony RV Park – Townsend, GA

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Lake Harmony RV Park is located about an hour south of Savannah, just far enough off I-95 so traffic noise was a faint and acceptable hum of background ambient noise. This is really a nice place. Good prices and an exceptionally friendly young couple runs/owns (?) it.

There’s another campground next door that looks nice, too, but we didn’t stay there. At Lake Harmony, there’s a one-acre-sized pond with free fishing, and some affordable canoe and kayak rentals, and a nice little beach, and there are a few rows of camping sites out back, plus a dozen or so on the lakeside as you drive out back. We stayed out back. Any site here is good. There are some monthly people there, but it’s a nice place to stay overnight or for a couple of nights, and the semi-permanent residents are friendly and acceptably semi-upscale. (As a note: We normally are not in favor of travel RV campgrounds that have more than ten percent semi-permanent residents… there’s a tipping point somewhere around that number that changes the feel of a campground to the feel of a trailer park.)

What made this a nice experience for us was the proximity of Lake Harmony to I-95 (closer than the half hour rides each way to those nice Georgia state parks in Crooked River and Fort McAllister… see our other reviews). The quiet ambience, the scenic view and pleasant walk around the lake, plus the attractive young couple were nice. We’ll definitely go again.


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