Mckinney Campground – Acworth, GA

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This is the worst campground I have been to! When you drive in to check in you have to wait 45 minutes or longer to get a parking tag and then you will be harassed each time you enter and leave by the host staff in the front building.

We had a group come to relax and enjoy the lake but instead we we harassed by the staff the whole time. They are more concerned about the parking tags then the state of the camp ground. The men’s toilet needed cleaning the whole weekend we were there no staff came by to unplug the toilet. The shower houses were nasty with mud and trash in the stalls and floor. The camp sites were never cleaned we had trash in our fire pits for the previous campers and the shore line had fishing trash, clothing, decomposing food, and other nasty trash on it and around the campsites.

I would not recommend this camp ground. If you like being harassed the go to Mckinney Camp ground


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