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Moab KOA- Moab, UT

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Moab KOA- Moab, UT

This was the worst camping experience that we have ever had.

There was no security and management was unresponsive to concerns and complaints. We were next to a unit with 4 adults and 2 children, all speaking Spanish which was not one of the 3 languages on the rules brochure. They held a drinking party outside, next to our “bedroom”, until 10:45. Then they left the children alone and got in their vehicles. They returned at 1:45, very drunk, and were honking and flashing headlights until 2:15. They parked their vehicles in our space, behind our rv. We were frightened and tried calling the office. It closed at 9 and there was no response to the message we left. Even the next morning, we were told that management was not expected in that day.

Also, the unisex restrooms/showers were confusing and not marked as unisex. It was creepy with drunks running around.

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