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McKinney Campground – Acworth, GA


This campground is absolutely wonderful! The property is clean and beautiful. The location is convenient, off I-75 in Georgia, North of Atlanta. I was pleasantly surprised to see the deer. All sites have water and 30 or 50 amp electric. Bathrooms are clean. Many sites for larger motorhomes. Several pull-throughs.

The variety of sites with 150 to choose from and almost 2/3 are reservable online at or by telephone. They also have walk-up sites that you can get the day you want to camp. Great care has been taken on the grounds. For us, we were glad to see that the gate locked at 10:30 pm during the summer which made us feel safer. Many campgrounds have no gate.

The four campground attendants we met in June 2008 were both professional and courteous. However, they do ask that you follow the guidelines and rules of the Corps that are printed on the back of the green map. While we were at the window checking in, there were customers who were very rude to the attendants who were trying their best to explain “Please park your car behind the other customers and come up to the front window to register.” Many wanted to argue and insist they didn’t need a parking pass and could just drive through to tour the park or visit their friends. I now understand why I have seen poor reviews of this campground. The campers don’t want to follow the rules. They want their dogs off the leash, park anywhere, stay after visiting hours, and not stand in line. And still, it was one of the best campgrounds we have ever visited.

Atlanta, GA is nearby; a day trip to Tennessee; and many small historic towns nearby.

Overall, once we got to our site and began to camp, we had a great time.

  1. Cecilia R. Byrd says

    Rules, there must be rules! We, too, passed the gray area and Caroline (Packwood ?) promptly told us that they sign said to stop and walk to the gatehouse with our tag# – my husband is handicapped so she asked if something was wrong with me! I did as she asked and got our green card to drive thru the park – “you have 30 minutes”! She said that she knew we were upset and I explained that 2 people should be there for check in and out. She said those were not her rules. I asked what would be done if, I too, was disabled and she didn’t know. She was in violation of the ADA by even asking me if anything was wrong with me. It so happens that there is; however, it is not visible.

  2. Chis Hansen says

    This is the worst campground I have been to. When you drive in to check in you have to wait 45 minutes or longer to get a parking tag and then you will be harassed each time you enter and leave by the host staff in the front building. We had a group come to relax and enjoy the lake but instead we we harassed by the staff the whole time. They are more concerned about the parking tags then the state of the camp ground. The men’s toilet was plugged up the whole weekend we were there no staff came by to unplug it. The shower houses were nasty with mud and trash in the stalls and floor. The camp sites were never cleaned we had trash in our fire pits from the previous campers and the shore line had fishing trash, clothing, and other nasty trash on it and around the campsites. I would not recommend this camp ground instead go to Red Top Mountain State Park. It is so much better and cleaner and the staff is nicer too.

  3. Erin says

    Our RV site was fairly level and clean. We were NOT advised upon check-in of the gates locking at 9 pm. It is NOT a keycode access on the gate so you are literally locked in/out depending on which side of the gate you’re on. I arrived at 10:10 pm with my children in the car with me only to discover we had been locked out. I phoned my husband who walked from our campsite (about 1/3 mile) and politely knocked on the campsite host’s RV door and asked if he could open the gate for us. From his RV, the campsite host could see our vehicle at the gate. He refused to unlock the gate. My husband even offered to run down as he watched and unlock it for him. He refused. So, in a chilly 37 degrees, we walked our kids about 1/3 mile to our campsite in the dark. It was so cold, my eyes kept watering as the brisk wind chilled us to the bone. As guests, we were NOT accomodated or helped in our moment of need. He had the ability to help us and let us thru the gate, but he didn’t care.

    We camped near the marina and was forced to listen to the blaring music of a party cruiser docked there. (We could easily hear the music while inside our RV until early morning hours.) You can also hear the train that runs thru periodically on the other side of the water, but it’s tolerable.

    There needs to be a sign as you are leaving to alert you to the gate closure time. In addition, our hope is that a keypad is put into this location – it’s a lovely campground, but the staff is inhospitable and you may have to deal with noise outside of the campground. 🙁 Don’t stay here unless you don’t mind a curfew!

  4. Neil says

    Our family has stayed at this campground for the last few years for Memorial Day week. The campsites are some of the best around with privacy and plenty of shade. The sites on the water are absolutely beautiful. I will say that we have never gotten the warm fuzzies from the attendants, but for the most part we rarely see them. With that said, as long as they stay out of our way, then I’m fine with these attendants. I mean, we aren’t breaking any rules, so I don’t need them to be overly nice to me. Note to the attendants though, niceness can go a long way with people.

  5. Gone Camping says

    The legacy of McKinney Campground is still alive and well. I was camping at Red Top Mountain Oct 2011 and thought it would be nice to see what McKinney was all about. Well, I “broke a rule” the minute I got to the check station. I pulled to far forward of the dreaded “White Line”. PACs on duty Lynda and Paul at the desk glared at me and very sternly told me to drive back to the line, now! Sorry, I said most places have you pull up to the window. I was told that McKinney is a Army Corps of Engineers campground and has RULES.

    When they finally recognized me after standing in line for 10 minutes (not even looking up), I was told I could not drive through for $4.00 due to the high occupancy, rules.

    I have no problem with rules, no one forces you to camp with Lynda and Paul, granted. What I do have issue with is the attitude that displayed to me when enforcing the rules.

    Another thing, this is not a private campground. McKinney is a public trust. These PACs act like they are administrators of an exclusive country club. For future reference I have been told to bypass the PACs and speak directly with the Federal Ranger on duty concerning issues.

  6. Charlotte Askew says

    Mimito1, I am sorry that you have problems following the park rules. It is actually our jobs to tour the park several times a day and make sure that everyone is in complaince with these rules. If you are breaking them, then yes, we will stop and speak to you about it. Now, that being said, just rest assured that our job will continue to be done as we are trained to do. You most definitely have problems with us doing our job.

    Charlotte A. Askew
    Park Attendant Contractor
    McKinney Campground

    1. Emily says

      I do not believe he was saying he didn’t want to follow the rules, just how you enforce the rules. Just by the way you stated this message, I can feel the rudeness coming from it. Learn how to communicate with others (even when there are issues) and everything will flow better. People tend to listen to others when they are not feeling hassled. I was planning a stay, I think I just changed my mind.

    2. Mike S says

      We stay in 124 and had a great time. As for the park attendants, she wasn’t mean… nor was she nice. She just seemed mad that she had a “job” to do. I was forwarded by many campers to mind my mouth and just do what they say. We are on vacation. I know you have a job, but if your that pissed at people camping or pulling passed the dreaded white line, get another a job. We are nice people. But I’ll be darned if I’m going to tolerate your attitude on my vacation. Just smile. We are happy to be there…

  7. mimito1 says

    The park would have gotten a 10 if it wasn’t for the awefully rude park attendants. They ride around on their scooters looking for rule breakers. He even questioned our outdoor shower head that was hanging out of the outlet. Our tire was on the pebbles of the camp site so we had to move our car. He waited on his scooter until we got in the car and drove it away. They made it unpleasant to stay. We had a 2 year old and my handicapped mother who my daughter had to drive home.

  8. Thistle Dew says

    You’ve just nailed many subjects in your review. Despite the presence of rude people, you maintained your judgement regarding the campground.

    There has been a steady increase of people who believe their campground reservation is equal to a Family Reunion. They tend to lose the ability to recognize the impact of their own existence. The dog that is well behaved at home, will be a pest in a campground, children can be another pest. The truth is, people who bring pets and children to a campground must be 100% on duty to care for them. The rest of us in the Campground must pick up what they can’t do.

    Keep your spirit and don’t let a few “whiney butts” spoil the fun!!!

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