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Butterfield RV Resort and Observatory – Benson, AZ


This is the best RV park in Arizona! They have daily activities at times that are super convenient and accommodating, as well as nightly activities that are fun and convenient.

The resort is super clean and the staff is incredibly friendly and loving. Across the street is the post office with the nicest postal clerk on the planet (Joey) and next door to the park is Safeway (how convenient is that!) you can walk there too. Within walking distance is a great Mexican place (Nico’s I think it’s called – something like that) and you can ride your bicycle to Walmart as it’s only about 3 blocks (or maybe 5 haha) from the park

The park’s laundry facilities are conveniently located across from the rv spaces, and yet in the same building as the clean restrooms and showers as well as the library, tv room/lounge, kitchen, coffee and tea, and modern workout room … so it’s all just too wonderful to believe!

Also the Grounds Comedian Extraordinaire …. aka Mark who is also the Quintessential Astrophysicist, who nightly entertains and educates you on the scientific study of matter in outer space, especially the positions, dimensions, distribution, motion, composition, energy, and evolution of celestial bodies and phenomena … and his sidekick LeAnna, who has a smile and delightful personality to warm the coldest heart. They even have the beloved Gambel Quail in this park!

This is truly the very best park in the entire state of Arizona and if you want to feel incredibly blessed, welcomed, and like you are “family” spend some time at this park.

  1. Elizabeth says

    I have to totally disagree with J. Banner… Butterfield and management are wonderful! My husband and I had a fun, awesome visit and will definitly go back again. Loved it!

  2. J Banner says

    Lack of communication and organization from top on down. Is observatory ever open? In my opinion this is not a friendly park.

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