Peacock Meadows Riverside RV Park – South Fork, CO

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Peacock Meadows is a beautiful Park. They have large lots, a small dog park, and areas to sit by the river.

We stayed there for 2 years. Their rates went up every year, and they are a bit spendy! My husband would volunteered around the park when needed and the first year was nice. I volunteered to host the weekly pot luck dinner and the weekly Bingo game.

The biggest problem with the park became Ron who runs the park! He is one of those people who thinks he know everything. While we were there we had to change lots 3 times. The 2nd year we were there he started harassing us about several things, so we left. I asked that if we received any mail to let us know so we could come and get it, they let us know one time. I later found out I had more mail sent there after that and they did not tell us. It’s a shame the owner Dave does not know how much money he is losing because of Ron!


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