Red Coconut RV Park – Fort Myers Beach, FL


I was SO excited to finally get a space at this park; I had been calling for weeks!

I arrived and they escorted me to my spot which is, LITERALLY, behind the park, in the dumpster area. I am parked next to dumpsters, looking at trash cans and maintenance equipment. To add insult to injury: I am paying the same amount ($70/night!) as the people in the park. I called the office to ask for a discount. Nope. They also treated me very badly at check in. I have a medical condition which prevents me wearing a mask (I have a legal exemption card from my doctor), and they treated me like a leper. I have been to 15 RV parks all across Florida in the last 9 weeks, and this was the first time I’ve been discriminated against.

Very disappointed. I will NOT be back. Periwinkle Park on nearby Sanibel Island was much nicer and they treated me like a human.


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