Louisville South KOA – Shepherdsville, KY

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In my opinion, this is the most overrated, high dollar, not family friendly park I have ever been to. We have been here 3 years in a row out of sheer desperation only. This is the only park near Mt. Washington, KY. Other options are 20 plus miles away- a lot when traveling multiple times per day from your site.

On this visit, my husband paid $64 more than he was supposed to upon arrival. I had to argue for a half hour to have the fees reversed on my debit. They were for a $10 site guarantee – isn’t that part of the “reservation”? Another $30 for the 2 kids that weren’t with us, but were billed at $5 per day for 3 days. And $27 for the KOA passport that my husband was talked in to buying even though we were not able to use it on this stay.

We did have to pay the $5 per day extra for our son due to the rule that sites for trailers and rv’s are only for 2 adults- all kids are $5 per day additional, per kid. Only tent sites are for 2 adults and 2 kids. So, $41 per night for 2 adults is where I get the not family friendly part.

There was no email or phone message to say the pool (a huge reason we went with this rip off again this year) was not open in the middle of the July heat. My Old KY home does not have a pool or lake.

The events for the weekend that were listed on the website seemed to be forgone this year. There was no movie or other organized plans as listed.

In my opinion, this park would be out of business given any other option near this area. Planning on driving further away from our desired destination next year. This campground is not worthy of the “holiday” label or expense.


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