Mammoth Cave Campground – Mammoth Cave, KY


You must remember you’re reading my stuff. No reservations, no planning, just go.

We thought about campgrounds near Mammoth Cave. The KOA sits on a small hill on the highway, the Coast to Coast RV Resort is probably good, but non-members can’t use the ammenities. We looked at the National Park Campground. Check-in was a bit more complicated here because most sites are reservations. We were given a choice of two. The roads and sites are paved, mostly level, pull-thru’s. National Park tradition dictates that the back-ins are backwards, trailers and fiver’s should beware. Tents and motorhomes are cool anyplace.

The store and showers are provided by a concession vendor and nicely stocked. The bathrooms are ultra modern, even air conditioned! The hotel and restaurant service non-RV travellers. Of course the cave is just mammoth. We did the River Styx Tour, other tours are easier…other are just insane.

The ranger that checked us in used his free time to visit with us and make sure we were comfortable. He was earning his pay, and then some. We discussed the use of generators with him.

Our first night was filled with the sound of a loud, out-of-tune generator. It was coming from the old motorhome next to our site. The people sat in their rig watching videos while the rest of us listened to and smelled the fumes of their generator. Can I send a message to generator users? Please be nice. I’m starting a campaign to petition the National Park Service to ban all use of generators. Please e-mail me with your opinions, I’ll pass them on.

Our experience at Mammoth Cave was destroyed because other people needed electricity while camping! If you need electricity that bad, get a room!

On the other side, there were a few newer Class-A’s with modern generators that we couldn’t hear. I welcome them and I know the needs of long term travelling.

In general, this is a very nice, but very busy campground. Most users are tents, poppers, and small trailers. big rigs are very limited.

Leave the generator home…get a solar panel. Us tree-hugging dirt-kissers will thank you.


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