Keowee Falls RV Park – West Union, SC

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When we found this campground, we thought this would be a great spot to park our RV for the next few years. Rent was affordable, site was partly shaded, and had a nice covered deck.

Working with the owner, she agreed the site would work with our RV. Before moving into the spot, we got permission and paid $3500 to have a landscaper level and stone the drive and pad due to the excessive runoff from the street making the area a muddy mess. Finally in, we enjoyed the space for our first year.

Come renewal time, we received an email from the Owner raising the rent. We weren’t opposed to paying the rent, however, when we questioned all the improvements she told us would be done in the first year, and were not done, the owner sent us a second email asking us to pay the increased rent and to move our RV up several feet, because we were blocking the site behind us. We were aware there was a site behind us. We weren’t happy about this seeing this is where she placed us, and we were not opposed to moving the RV either. However, this would mean cutting into the covered deck to accommodate the slides (which she was aware of). It was challenging to work through this with her seeing the correspondence was primarily email, and we could not get her to participate in a call. Owner sent a final email notifying us, she would not renew the agreement. Then we were sent a 30 Day Notice to Vacate.

We did not cause any issues. We paid on time, were quiet, kept the site and surrounding area maintained, and followed all the rules. The friends we made at the campground, could not understand why she did this. We asked her to reimburse us for a portion of the monies we spent to improve the site. She declined. Before we had fully vacated the site, and before our move out date, someone else was moving in, and she had rented it to them for a $1000 more a year than we were paying.


The owner is only on site to collect the rent. There is no campground management on premise.

There is one worker, who does everything from electrical, plumbing, landscaping, leasing and evicting.

Management basically gives you a site, water and septic. If you want anything done, it will cost you. Any improvements you make, you will not be reimbursed. Review this section in the agreement.

The campground has not been maintained and needs a good cleanup. The water was always being shutoff due to leaks, septic issues, flooding issues, and many of the sites are not maintained. Heavy duty tractors broken down and left in the park near the children’s playground.

Expect contract workers for Blue Ridge Electric to fill the campground at least three times a year, they come and go at all hours, and can get loud at night.

Review the agreement in full, and have an attorney review before signing.


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