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Keowee Falls RV Park – West Union, SC


Keowee Falls RV Park has an amazing view of Lake Keowee. The campground has a boat ramp into the lake and storage facilities for boats. They also have playgrounds for the kids and nice walking trails. Their website has regularly updated videos and photos of the campground. Ronnie, who owns the campground, told us they were going to get wireless internet set up for the whole park next month, May 2009.

All in all our experience was hassle free, the people are very kind and helpful. The surrounding area has everything you could want within 5 miles… a grocery store and a super Walmart. Clemson University is right down the road so if you like college football you will have a great time here!

  1. Denise Richards says

    You can’t even get a phone signal up there much less wireless internet!

    1. Jeremy says

      In 2015 you can get a signal and we have free wifi, come on out and be a Happy Camper! B-)

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