Anvil Campground – Williamsburg, VA

Anvil Campground | RVBuddy

Anvil is a very conveniently located campground to Colonial Williamsburg and Busch Gardens – that is about its only plus. The sites are quite small, the hookups are for the most part getting old and tired and the condition of the pool and bathroom/showers was marginal.

However, the most distressing aspect of this campground is that nearly half of the sites back up to within 20-30 feet of a very active train track. On weekdays Amtrak trains fly by with reularity and numerous long and noisy freight trains rumble past. This very serious annoyance continues through the night.

If you go – ask for a site that does not have a train in your backyard.


  1. There are no sites that do not experience the joys of having the stuffing rattled out of them almost hourly all night long. And the hookups are shot. The 50 AMP service at our site only had power down one blade. Try diagnosing that at 3AM with the alarms going because the distributor wasn’t charging and the furnace wasn’t running.


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