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We had a great time and we have some good things to say, but we have some disappointments too so keep reading.

We stayed from July 3-10, 2009. This is an excellent weekend to go because the fireworks are good and this year they had fireworks on the 4th and 5th. This was our 4th visit. The amenities are good. Bath houses, general store, pavilions, cafe, arcade and fresh seafood/vegetable market. The pools are great and the new splash park was a hit. Live bands and bingo and other planned activates like movies, arts and crafts and whole park events like costume contests, sight decoration contests and parades. A bait and tackle shop, boat-bike-paddleboat-golf cart rental. Fun to crab a fish and they have everything you need to get started with helpful staff that knows the rules and regulations and the right way to catch you a crab or fish.

We really like Cherrystone because of the people we see every year, and this is what Cherrystone really has going for them as long as they can keep the park nice and keep the families coming each year. Every year gets better because as you meet other families you can’t wait to get back to see old friends and make new. Cherrystone is for families and hard working families at that. A lot of the campers are middle to upper class small business owners and good for networking too. We’ve made both friends and business partners. Cherrystone has everything we need and want for the kind of vacation our family enjoys, but it’s unfortunate that this year Cherrystone didn’t meet our expectations.

There’s something going on with the management, or assistant management. The park was in disrepair and things that were broken never got fixed. It seemed as though the only way anything was going to be fixed was for a customer to find a manager and let them know, and you had to do a little work and asking around to find a manager. One day while I was at the pool I had a lady ask me if I was part of the staff because I was picking up trash. I said no and looked around to maybe help her find someone and no one was around. This was common at the pool area. I’m not sure what she wanted.

The grass around the common areas and at the campsites you could tell were not trimmed regularly. This shouldn’t be a problem considering you must check-out by 11:00am and you can’t check-in until 2:00pm. This (4) hours can be utilized effectively with good management in place. The day before we left we did see a sight or two being trimmed

The bath houses could have been better. Toilet seats were not fastened properly and the showers stalls could have been cleaner. This shouldn’t be a problem considering each bath house is closed for 1-1/2 hours each day. And when the bath houses are closed they’re closed with the entrance roped off, allowing staff to concentrate on their tasks uninterrupted. Each bath house is closed at different times so there’s always a bath house open. I’m assuming this is to accommodate the campers, but it accommodates the park staff more because it makes it possible for (1) organized and managed cleaning crew to go from one bath house to the next… again, making it possible for the crew to concentrate on their tasks uninterrupted. Furthermore, getting a cleaning/maintenance crew together to get the job done shouldn’t be a problem since the bath houses are cleaned/closed during normal business/peak hours of the day i.e., 10:00 to 11:30, 11:30 to 1:00 and so on. Having the bath houses closed during these times of the day accommodates the owners so they can put the staff to work during normal business hours or straight time if you will. This does not accommodate the guests and you’re walking to the next bath house just to pee because as I said when the bath houses are closed you can’t get in. There are porta-potties, but try getting into a port-a-pottie with a 4year old when it’s 90deg outside you can guess how clean the port-a-potties are… If you really want to accommodate the guests, close the bath houses and do a maintenance/clean to all the bath houses from 10:00pm to 4:00am every day. This would give a (4) person crew (7) 6hr days and then have mid-level management do a once over cleaning with the bath houses open just before dinner. This would allow management to inspect, check up on their cleaning crew and leave the cleaning crew special instructions for that night. You could probably contract out the cleaning if you wanted to keep them off the payroll.

I’m sure there would be problems with trying to work a night shift, but I’m a manager myself in a service providing company and any problems associated with this method I would overcome and make it work for the convenience of my guests, and with the present state of the economy good help is not hard to find. Now would be the time to hire dedicated help and new management at whatever levels are needed. And, having working employees at this time of night might not be a bad idea anyhow.

Grass was growing in the concrete seams of the pool area and the fence around the pool area had trash and debris here and there. The pump house by the splash park was painted half way and the splash park drainage was making a heavily traveled path a mud path. The putt-putt golf course needs some attention, but it was free to play this year so should I complain? Maybe not. The putt-putt golf course staff shed was usually occupied by (2) people. Not sure why. (1) Could have been doing some maintenance, but like I said….something is wrong with the management.
We plan on going for Halloween. This is an awesome time and the kids really clean up on candy. We really want to go because like I said…..what keeps us going back is the people. For the money you pay it would be nice to have some good management that takes pride in being a manager and customer service. The families are so nice that it would be worth it to have a good manager on site that everyone knows. I didn’t see Hop (the manager) once while I was there and when I asked Miss Louise at the bait and tackle where he was she said he was around, but he had been across the bay on business the day before.

I’ll give Cherrystone another chance this Halloween, but if I don’t see an improvement I’ll be looking for a new spot and if it’s nice….I’ll ask my friends to come along.


  1. This is my first visit as an adult coming to Cherrystone with my family. The atmosphere is nice but my major issue is that the customer service is terrible. In my opinion the staff is very ignorant and rude. Particularly a woman named Donna who runs the general store who needs to know my private business before letting me know the nearest town. I am a fairly petite asian american, and I am often carded. But instead of asking me for an ID politely, she sarcastically commented if I was 18. Now she was helping a man before me and didnt even ask for an ID, although she states that she asks everyone, even for credit cards. I was so appalled at the blatant disrespect. There is no need to mock the way I look or exclaim to other customers, as well. This place has left a very bad taste in my mouth and from travelling all the way from NJ, I can say I would never encourage or advise anyone to go down here. Fortunately I am a writer for my college and came down here to do a review, and I will be mentioning every bit of this in my article in hopes to discourage others from the same treatment.

  2. We arrived to find that the sites we booked were changed. Thus, my brother had to be moved because the site we had him on was taken. The site they offered us would not even accommodate his size rig and had too many trees. The group that were around us were beyond impolite. They parked on our campsite. I politely knocked on their door. While the owner was not there the friend/ family member came over and he said he would tell him. The truck remained. Evidently this upset the group. They then began to continually walk through our site. Their dogs barked constantly. I was sitting outside and their group would walk in my site and pretend I wasn’t there. Their very young children would run unattended. Sometimes their dogs would be unleashed. I came out to get in my car to find dog feces right by my car door. My husband then asked the staff to ask the gentleman to move. Again he did not. The final straw is when they let a child drive the golf cart and directed him to drive through our site! This time I went to the ranger station and asked them to please enforce the rules and address these behaviors and move the truck. Later my husband return to our site to find this man dumping his crab pot by our front door next to our mats. A confrontations ensued. He threatened my husband. He told him “to sleep with one eye open and that he didn’t know who he was dealing with”. He also stated that “he could do anything he wanted and did not give a $&@€ about the property lines”. My husband returned to my brothers site and called the manager down. At first he was understanding and said he would call the police and make him leave. When the police came he did not even have them speak to us. He then told us that this group said that my husband threatened all 12 men. We explained that that was not even reasonable. He said that either we all stay or all leave. My husband said that if he had to leave so did all of them out of fairness. The manger “Hop” then said no he wasn’t going to make them leave that he didn’t want to sacrifice 17 sites for 1. We explained that we had been coming for 18 years and he said they had too. My husband told him he was worried about our 4 day old camper being vandalized. The manager said” he did not care if the motor home blew up in the nite”. My husband asked if the camp ground would be responsible. I asked if he saw where the man had poured the pot and he said , there was nothing there and he could see this was all our fault”. He was beyond rude and has no people skills whatsoever!
    I must say that Mable was there and was more than cordial and helpful. She tried to get him to stop being belligerent and calm down to no avail. I actually felt bad for her having to deal with him. She was very sweet. Even the new maintenance man and Donna and her husband (who had directed us to the ranger station in the first place) were fantastic and empathetic! When I called Mable to thank her Andre stated that she was busy and insisted on my name and what I was calling for. I really did not want to speak to anyone but her at this point and he became rather indignant. I really don’t think he needed to know what I wanted. He pushed three different times. Really? You need to replace your management or think about closing down.
    We have been coming down for 18 years with our family and friends. A group and I have met there during July, every year. We have seen the campground go down hill for over the last several years. I am afraid it has really hit bottom now. There were
    several thefts during this one week! Coolers, alcohol , bikes, backpacks phones and money … All in one week.
    Bottom line. If you are going to allow bad behavior and only endorse the rule ” sometimes” then expect the clientele to get smaller and smaller and leave only the most difficult campers. Nice people don’t want to be harassed or abused and robbed while camping by either the staff or other campers. Obviously our group will be going someone else next year. We are sorry Miss Dot.

  3. Nice place but they need a new general manager. Call first if you have a golf cart or electric car. They are the most unfriendly campsite I have ever been too take a cart to. Be ready to call your insurance company.

    Recommendation: Go to Tall Pines if you have a golf cart or electric car.

    Good: Staff is great, view is nice of the bay, Very nice RV store.

  4. I have been going to Cherrystone for 15 years now. It use to be a great place to take the kids and enjoy yourself. I too have encoutered the unfriendly staff of the new ownership. We recently went for the Halloween weekend and I was very disappointed at the way the staff acted. I was flat out accused of being a lier, even though my check in information clearly stated a late arrival of my extra guest. Even though I paid extra for an additional car pass and informed the staff at the welcome center and the guard gate that my guest would be coming in later I was accused of trying to sneek in extra guest and was charged an extra $35 on my credit card. My family was stopped at the guard gate upon arrival and treated like common criminals. I explained to the gentleman at the gate that I had paid extra for the pass and the passes matched the amout of guest I had with me. He was the only one that acutal checked my paperwork and tried to tell the others that I had done nothing wrong, but they would not listen. They said I could pay for extra guest or leave. He told me to wait until the morning and go to the wecome center and explain what happened. Which I did and they flat out told me I had extra guest even though I paid for 4 guest and 2 cars and we were standing there in front of them. I was very embarrassed by all of this taking place in front of my children, which I have always told be honest and respectful of others. I was so upset when they told me I would be charged the $35 reguardless, I told them to delete me from their files I would never stay there again. My children were up set because they had a good time and now they would never come back. But Cherrystone isn’t the only camping ground in the area. So long Cherrystone.

  5. We’ve gone to Cherrystone in July, with a group of friends, for 6 or 7 years now. Always a good time. We have noticed maintenance being neglected the last couple of years; hopefully management gets on the ball. We’ve stayed in the cabins the last few years – great to have them (A/C, bathrooom, kitchen); but it would be nice for $1100 if they put a decent mattress on the bed for the grown-ups. Also they seem to have given up on fixing screen doors and simply removed many of them. Would love to see some shade trees, more umbrellas or a canopy at the pools. Otherwise, great area – Bay, ocean, plenty of activities. Always a good time.

  6. We that actually enjoy the campground can only hope that the ones with all the petty complaints will never go there again. More room for the ones that actually enjoy it. Go start your own campground if you are that displeased. With that being said the management does need to see to it that there employees are properly maintaining the facilities especially during the peak business times of the season. Parents need to be sure to teach you’re children to be considerate of others and clean up after themselves when leaving bathhouses as well as all areas of the campground. It is simple, treat others the way you would like to be treated and leave an area the way you would like yours to be left.

  7. We’ve been going to Cherrystone for years and absolutely love it. Some times of the day the bath houses are cleaner than others but they clean it 2-3 times per day. We love the place. All the people complaining, please feel free not to go back to Cherrystone. Leaves more room for my family.

  8. This used to be our favorite family campground but after our last visit, we will never be returning! Even though the views are great, the management is absolutely horrible! Since they had our credit card on file, they apparently found it their right to add extra charges on it that we should have not gotten. When I noticed it, I called to talk to a manager. I never got a call back. I called 3 more times before I spoke to a manager who said she would research it and she promised to call back later that night and never did. I continued to call and was always told that she just stepped out. I left my name and number each time. She was obviously avoiding me. I finally had to file a complaint with the credit card company. What a hassle! It’s not worth it. I suggest that you find another spot to camp!

  9. My family and I just got back from Cherrystone after a week long vacation. There were 16 of us camping in 3 5th wheels. We were so excited to revisit our favorite campground. We have been camping there for 16 years. We had a wonderful time. It does seem the rules change frequently so you need to brush up every year. I believe their have been several new owners over the years also. Seems alot of people are complaining about the grounds. I really did not notice the horrible conditions people are talking about. I did not have a need for the showers in the bathhouse but I did go in to use the bathroom by the pool. Because that particular bathhouse is located by the pool, many people are sopping wet when they enter the bathhouse. They would have to man the bathroom 24/7 to keep it spotless. Someone mentioned cleaning them at night. That is a dumb idea. Do you know how far someone without access to a bathroom would have to walk in the dark if the nearest bathhouse was closed for cleaning. I suggest you go and try the campground for yourself. What a view they have. And if it’s atmosphere you are looking for….you found it.

  10. My family has been camping at Cherrystone for over 30 years. We go back every August. We have never had any issues. We also camp throughout the year at other campgrounds on the East Coast, and Cherrystone is by far our favorite. A lot of these complaints seem very petty… the weather? Come on people… remember you are CAMPING!

  11. This place is the worst I have ever been to. We rented a cabin from 7/2/11-7/9/11. When we arrived another camper told us maintenance had just pulled a tarp off the cabin because the roof leaked. When I asked the front desk about it they told me there was nothing they could do until I had a problem with it leaking. It was sunny at the time. They told me to unload, and wait till it rains to see what happens. When I tried explaining that I did not want my stuff getting wet indoors, or get wet while sleeping, the told me I was being arguementative and I was asked to leave the check in station because they won’t do anything until the roof leaks on me. They finally sent maintenance to the cabin. That gentleman told me they did have a tarp on the roof and the roof does leak, but it depends which way the wind blows!!!
    My parents have a trailer and were camping the same week. The electric constantly went out! this was a constant problem.
    All, yes all of the bath houses were closed at the same time because they could not keep the electric on and build water pressure. Imaging over 1000 people using 4-6 porta-pots!
    They advertise the piers a lot… don’t go. There are way to many kids and way too many people on them. You can’t cast without hooking someone. Its packed like sardines.
    They do have a laundry room which is nice but like everything else, only about 1/8th of the washers and dryers actually worked. We had to go to the next town over to do our laundry. The bath houses were bad! Out of about 10 stalls and 10 showers, you would be lucky to find more than 3 stalls and 3 showers working at any time.
    It rained every day there and everything was constantly flooded and we were always soaked walking through water.
    Don’t plan on renting a golf cart. One guy camped out over night just do be first in line in the morning. When he finally got one it broke down and they didn’t have any spares to give him! Everything there seemed to be in disrepair!
    My girlfriend had been there about 10 years ago and loved it. She said it is nothing like it used to be. We went out on the “Miss Jennifer” (the best part and only good thing this campground has going for it) and we were told that management has changed since she had been there last. Oh, and not sure if its true, but management also has someone surfing the web, especially facebook, deleting any negative feedback.

  12. Yes they did have some noise, sorry it was July 4th. It was quiet enough after 11pm to get the kids to sleep. Power outages all weekend, Cherrystone doesn’t control the power grid. If you live in the city when you loose power you still have water, in the country you don’t. I’m sorry you will just have to figure out why yourself. Somebody said they should put in generator. Do you know how big and noisey a generator to run that place would be. For what 21/2 hours of no ac. Besides, how much would that cost. Someone has to pay for it and like all business they would pass it on to the customer.

  13. This campsite is HORRIBLE. I have been camping for a very long time and have never seen a place this bad. The campsites are all on top of each other, smaller than a trailer park. We had people next to us drunk and breaking into some of the cabins (at two in the morning) and one of the people that worked there told all the other employee’s that he didn’t do it (so it never was fixed). The bathrooms are SO gross. They have toilet paper everywhere, people’s discards…., all over the floor & toilets, there are definitely not enough bathrooms/showers for the amount of campsites. The only thing that was nice was their general store + tackle store. Their advertisement makes it look like a great place, don’t be fooled like we were. They even got sewage all over by the pools + on the ground. Do yourself a favor, don’t waste your money, we even left early! I promise you there is WAY better out there…like state campsites!

  14. Look people this campground is great. I cant believe some of these comments. Its a campground. You don’t go to be babied you go to enjoy outdoors and fun. I am 22 and have been going to Cherrystone twice a year since I was nine and I had some of the greatest times as a kid there and hated leaving and was more excited for 4th of July going back then Christmas seeing the same people. Its just a great enviroment.

  15. This past Labor Day was our first trip to Cherrystone after having to cancel our planned trips over the past 3 years. We had to delay our trip a day due to hurricane Earl but the campground had called us and said they would be closed, so don’t come down that day. I called the next day and they were open again

    We arrived and had to go on in without checking in as our paperwork was still in the office. On Saturday we were able to move our “lost” day, due to the storm, to the end of our trip and still have our 5 nights.

    We had a great time, met a lot of really great people, and picked out possible sites for next year. We didn’t use the bathhouses or the restaurant but the General store had everything we needed. The staff were very pleasant, friendly, and informative. We enjoyed the the piers, the pools, and the waterview. We plan another Labor Day trip, hopefully without a storm.

    Our only complaint were the dog owners. Why people take their dogs on these trips, then tie them up and leave them for hours to annoy the neighbors is beyond me. It doesn’t occur in all cases, but it does happen quite often and gives the responsible owners a bad rap.

    The place appeared as though it had been well cared for and I saw quite a bit of new paint. So if it had appeared to earlier visitors to have been let go possibly the owners “had a vision” of what lost revenue would seem like and turned things around..

  16. We went to Cherrystone the week of July 24, 2010. We camp in a RV. Before we went I was reading the horrible reviews on the internet. I was afraid of what I was going to find when we got there. We started camping there about 6 years ago, staying in the delux cottage. We loved it. Then we got went to a Pop-up and now a 23ft. trailer. All the negative comments: “bathrooms, cottages and piers are a mess, with no up keep” I found this not to be true. Everything was great! Although we don’t use the bathrooms, so I can’t say anything about that. The piers were in very good condition. Also a negative comment was made about paying extra for more then 2 people. We knew that coming in. So if you don’t want to pay extra don’t go there!
    We found the beautiful, quaint town of Cape Charles about a mile down the road. It has a nice beach and a few stores. It was something different. The beach is free. It was so hot that weekend 115 heat index but we had a great time. I am hoping to go back this fall for a relaxing weekend.

  17. well this was my last trip been going for about five years they say a family camground but you got to pay for your children thats bull and then they hand you a rule book when you enter the camground well people must use it to start there fires because they sure dont read them to thereselves or there children this place has went down hill faster then a rollercoster just got back saturday morning kids killing crabs smashinf them and drop kicking them after they would pull there pinchers off reported it was asured someone would come down no one ever showed up of course i didnt see securety all week i was there the kids on there bikes after dark i mean i am so dissapointed they better get new managment soon or that place will never last the bathrooms get cleaned in the day how about cleaning them in the eveing thats when i get my showers i wouldnt shower in them filthy thing or use the toilet pretty bad people can turn a handle down after they use a bathroom hate to see there home alot of my problem is with the campers but the camground has to step up and stop it found about 30 crabs cooked that was just throw in the weeds and another day seen about 60 uncooked crabs killed and thrown away well ive said enough but they wont get my money anymore there are alot better palces out there and they was once one of those place thats why we always returned there

  18. I forgot to mention. The cabin was great. It was clean, the a/c worked good and the refrig was spotless. Fantastic job Cherrystone. As for the bathrooms, you cleaned them well…its just the guest have a hard time cleaning up after themselves. Not your fault. Just one more thing…put ropes along the piers, the little kids get a little scary out there…lol The structure of the cabin is adorable and I would love to have one in my backyard so when I get tired of work, I can go to the cabin and wish I was at the campground again!!!

  19. My husband and I loved this campground. There was so much to do and even though we did not have children with us, we had a great time with our neighbors and their children. The management was absolutely wonderful and everyone seemed to be so friendly. This was my first time crabbing and the fun we had pulling them in and the crabs chasing me across the pier was hilarious. Everyone was cordial and respectful. We hope to return next summer. Our “new family” we met there were absolute sweethearts and my husband and I, told them to let us know when they go on vacation again, so we can go too. It was so fun there. The Little Neck Restaurant on the location has great food. The large laundry mat was a blessing and much more. I would recommend this campground to everyone. The only thing I didn’t like, was the “storms”…scared the living devil out of me!!!! lol Thank you Cherrystone, it was a great vacation and alot of fun. See you next year.

  20. My only problem is the type of people they are now letting in. After around 10 its supposed to be quiet time. As some people have got to get up early and leave the place. And after not being their in 6 years I missed it and my family went, along with two other families I know. They went because I highly recommended it. Well I was embarrased to say the least. Because its not kept the way it used to be. The bathrooms are not very well maintained and there are msquitoes galore. Correct this and I will gladly be back because otherwise I loved it there.

  21. I just got back from Cherrystone,I havent been there for 3 years but always enjoyed it as I also did this year. My family and I always stay in a deluxe cottage and I can honestly say they haven’t put a nickle into these places in years. The fold out sofa was torn in many places; stained with beer and who knows what else, the fridge leaked all into our food that was stored,the toilet was not seated into the floor and we had to deal with a daily odor of sewer gas/ methane. Now I realize this is a business and they have to make a profit but these trailers/cabins have been paid for 20 times over and at $1100 a week I feel the 2 brothers should put a few dollars back into these accommadations for the sake of their loyal patrons instead of sucking every dollar they can out of the place. The staff was very good but even they seem to be embarrassed over the way the park is being run. Its a beautiful place to visit and I would hope the owners (The Ballard Brothers) don’t let the money go to their heads and allow the resort to slide further into the outhouse. Spend a few bucks and do the rite thing. Thank You

  22. Dan ~ I’m so happy to read a positive post for a change!!!
    Our family just discovered Cherrystone a few years ago but we started with 8 days, last year 17 and this year we’ll be there for 22!! In fact I’ve already made our reservations for 2011 🙂 I think it says something when you keep coming back for more AND adding time to your stay.
    I’ve posted before and I believe been very fair. The Staff has always been extremely pleasant and accommodating!!
    I agree with you regarding some of the campers…our major concern last year was ~ riding golf carts after dark, heavy drinking on the piers, bicycles on the piers…These are points where I believe Staff should be more involved.
    Yes, it’s the parents and the parents allowing their children to behave this way but it needs to be addressed and not allowed to continue.
    Otherwise I fear “those people” will slowly take over and the rest of us may stop coming there to enjoy the Beautiful Bay and all that Cherrystone has to offer.
    Most often postings consist of nothing more than complaints and that isn’t fair to the Management or Staff and should be disregarded ~ However, I DO hope the issues that I mentioned earlier are being addressed so we can have a good, SAFE vacation.
    My feelings are ~ If I’m paying just as much to enjoy OUR time there…I shouldn’t feel I need to go to Cape Charles or the CBBT to fish just so my family is safe.
    We ALL need to be respectuful of EACH OTHER

  23. Read the post. Have been going many years. Place is great however some of the people there are nasty, and I don’t mean staff. Their rates and rules are clearly posted, just like other parks. I have seen customers argue they should be able to stay for free. Have visitors come in for free and just belittle the staff there. I see why sometimes they get a bad review. If I ran a business I would be kicking some of those people out especially if they spoke to my employees as some customers do. I have made special requests and have always been accomodated, staff is always there to please. Get over it people, it is a business and I would hate to see what it would be like for $5.00 a nite, but you go ahead to your $5.00 a nite campgrounds, I’ll stick with Cherrystone.

  24. I think it is a great place. It’s a campsite, for pete’s sake. My bathroom was as clean as any other bathroom for the time of year I was there. There are some people who just can’t be pleased and then are some people who have personal axes to grind. Enjoy your vacation and forget about the little things. If you want a five star campsite move on a pay the price. Or perhaps stay at a five-star hotel.

  25. I have been to Cherrystone several times and have enjoyed each visit. However I did notice on our last visit in June that the grass did need mowing and the place didn’t look as kept as it usually does. Perhaps they are under new management now and need some help in managing. Maybe if there are enough complaints things will start to improve. This year for Halloween we went to Castaways in OC, Md. The campground was very nice, however I feel a little overpriced for this time of year. It was the last weekend that they were open and we still paid $65.00 a night. I understand it’s a tourist spot but really how much of the beach are you going to enjoy the last part of October.

  26. Well I hope you did not go to Cherrystone for Halloween the same weekend I did. A freak storm rolled through and the entire campground was under water… but wait… Cherrystone said they could not refund my money despite the fact that my campsite was under water. I asked to move my reservation to another weekend.. they wouldn’t do that either… I am out my money and my kids couldn’t even enjoy the festivities… I will NEVER go back to Cherrystone!

  27. I was there a few years ago and I totally agree with you on the fact that the bath houses are usually filthy. I decided to try there one more time. I am planning on going in August. If things are still as bad as before this will be my last time there. We usually go to Frontier Town in Maryland just outside of Ocean City. Frontier Town is an excellent campground, very clean, great water park, family oriented with free bus service to the beach.


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