Cherrystone Family Camping Resort – Cape Charles, VA

Cherrystone Family RV Resort |

Our stay with Cherrystone Resort last summer was a very pleasant one. From the moment we arrived until the time we could no longer see the campgrounds in our rear view mirror. Our mini vacation to the resort left us wanting more!

On the day we arrived, that night, a storm blew in and tents looked like they were being flattened by the wind, but they weren’t. The storm left us with a “cool” wind for the remainder of the night and the next day was magnificent! The sun was shining and the air was gentle. You could enjoy outside immensely! Our kids wanted to stay within the park and explore. It was our first trip here, so why not! We were so excited and couldn’t wait to enjoy the atmosphere. Our teenage boys did not complain one time during our stay (unusual) but thankful!

There was so much to do and see around the resort. Fishing, crabbing, swimming, walking and relaxing! The next day we went to a nearby State Park and spent the day at the bayside beach. When we got back to the campground we fired up the bar-b-q, had dinner and off we went to conquer bingo … all the kids went. We were with 2 other families, so our group was rather large. We had 13 in attendance. 8 of the 13 played and 6 of the 8 won – we dominated that night and we walked away with $ 289.00 of the $500 pot! Needless to say we all agreed to throw our winnings together and splurged on Seafood Buffet the next night.

The next day we ended up in Virginia Beach for the day since you’re only 30 – 40 minutes from it … how convenient! We spent the day at the beach, catchin sun rays, playing in the sand and relaxing. We had our seafood buffet dinner and went back to the campgrounds to join in the fun — it was Kaoroke night! We listened to some singing, danced and laughed! We had a great time! We watched fireworks the next evening and listed to the live entertainment.

The campgrounds were cleaned, the restrooms were cleaned as promised and then some. The workers were attentive and they even patrolled in the night to be sure everyone was okay. We didn’t worry about our things and we had a fantastic time! We can’t wait til next year. This time we’re staying longer! Thank you Cherrystone Family Camping Staff and Management! You made our trip feel like we were welcome and felt at “home” … see you next year!


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