Cozy Acres Campground – Powhatan, VA

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Pricing is on the high side at Cozy Acres, starting at $50 per night plus taxes. Their fees are higher on special event weekends and to have a patio.

They do have some amenities, but all the additional fees are extremely annoying… for example, the pool is free but you have to pay $4 per day per lounge chair. They seem to have additional fees for almost everything, more than 2 adults or children per site, visitors, etc.. – so be sure to call and get accurate pricing for your group to avoid surprise billing.

Wi-Fi is also additional charge – and it is only available inside the trading post (useless if you need a connection for any length of time). This day and age there are so many ways to have great Wi-Fi coverage over a large area that are not expensive.

Sites are too close together. They have 3 fishing ponds (2 catch and release, 3rd you pay additional for). 1 of the catch and release ponds was not maintained at all and didn’t appear to have any fish in it, the other catch and release pond only had some small fish in it).


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