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Halesford Harbour RV Park – Moneta, VA

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Halesford Harbour RV Park – Moneta, VA

Halesford Harbour is pretty cool. My husband and I took a little trip to Smith Mountain Lake to check this place out.

We found the motel to be clean and nicely decorated. The restaurant (Jakes Place) has a really nice Jambalaya and Mahi-Mahi. I think its probably one of the best on the lake. The RV park was not completed yet but I believe they are taking reservations for the June opening. It’s really nice and there is lots of space for the kids to run around, go fishing, and boating.

I think it is the best Smith Mountain Lake RV park but that is just my opinion. If you love Smith Mountain Lake and the surrounding areas you will love Halesford Harbour.

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  1. Recent stay at Halesford Harbour RV park wasn’t so “family friendly”. I really enjoy going to Jake’s Place to eat but after a very long wait to experience the RV park, we were extremely disappointed. We have a two year old and “bedtime” is when it gets quiet and mommy/daddy enjoy sitting by the fire and relaxing until its our bedtime. However, on this weekend, the rowdy RVers next to us decided to invite 5 to 6 carloads of friends to join them for a late night party. It was so noisy that we left the RV and headed home to get some sleep. The next day we returned and it gradually got worse with guest cars parking everywhere they could fine room. Needless to say, 10pm quiet time means “let’s get this party started”. It was a huge disappointment for the whole family. If you have little ones who go to bed early, be cautious of who you camp by. A nearby yearly renter had to move her site because of rowdy RVers partying into the late hours. Just be warned.

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