Off Grid B&B and RV Campground – Ash Fork , AZ


It’s a little tough to get to the RV park, but once you’re there, the grounds are exactly as advertised – remote, quiet and very peaceful.

The owner had to show us the way, but they’re very helpful once you’re there. They keep it very clean and make several security checks throughout the day. They offer free water, which you have to drive around to fill up your tanks for. We were full when we arrived, so we didn’t need any.

They don’t have any amenities like dump station or showers, but the town is nearby and I think it’s more geared toward skoolies and self-contained rigs. It’s completely raw land with bare spots to camp on. But I think that’s why they call it “Off Grid” RV campground. Not sure why they call it a B&B, but he said they have other properties, so maybe they have bungalows there.

The rates are extremely cheap, but that’s probably because it’s out of the way. Expect a bumpy road, but nice folks and a very restful stay.



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