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Pima Swan RV Park – Tucson, AZ

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Pima Swan RV Park – Tucson, AZ

A cockroach fell on my face while I was taking a Shower! That pretty much says it all about this campground. No… there’s more and worse. There’s a coded lock on the door (and a sign) to keep undesirables out of the bathrooms at night, but someone in the park props the door open every night so they come on in anyway. I tried to take a shower at 11pm, then midnight, then fell asleep and finally took a shower at 3am.

Hot shower. That’s all I can say. Be careful… in all the nooks and crannies and corners of the shower/laundry house are spiders. I dropped my toothbrush by the sink and thank God I looked before I stuck my hand between the sink and wall.

It is not an experience I would ever care to repeat in my life. I’m an RVer, a traveler. After the reviews I read elsewhere, I expected a good experience, not the experience of staying in a seedy place like this. This place has taken a huge turn for the worse.

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