Pima Swan RV Park – Tucson, AZ

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A cockroach fell on my face while I was taking a Shower! That pretty much says it all about this campground. No… there’s more and worse. There’s a coded lock on the door (and a sign) to keep undesirables out of the bathrooms at night, but someone in the park props the door open every night so they come on in anyway. I tried to take a shower at 11pm, then midnight, then fell asleep and finally took a shower at 3am.

Hot shower. That’s all I can say. Be careful… in all the nooks and crannies and corners of the shower/laundry house are spiders. I dropped my toothbrush by the sink and thank God I looked before I stuck my hand between the sink and wall.

It is not an experience I would ever care to repeat in my life. I’m an RVer, a traveler. After the reviews I read elsewhere, I expected a good experience, not the experience of staying in a seedy place like this. This place has taken a huge turn for the worse.


  1. I’ve been here for 2 years. I’ve seen management change 3 times and owners change twice. It was great when I first got here. Since I first moved in I’ve had a tree trimming service get on my RV w/o my permission put a palm sized hole in my roof and then leave w/o telling me. (Thank goodness for neighbors). My propane tank had been stolen recently from off my rig. Now newest manager is running tenets off the property, waking people out of their sleep, insisting people park a certain way “90° angles”, and now they lock the bathroom/facilities room so you can only get in and use during certain hours AND they have cameras posted right outside the bathroom!
    If I could give 0 stars I would. I am currently looking to get out of this place. Do not stay here unless it is the only thing you can afford. New update, now my vehicle had been towed while I was asleep while it was parked in it’s designated parking spot! I will be gone from here within days. Anywhere else is better then putting up with the harassment that Brian the current manager at the park and Rocky the manager at PacWest properties who owns this place now work under.


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