Pirates Den Resort – Parker, AZ

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If there was an option to rate this place a zero I would have done it.

My husband and I booked an RV spot the weekend of 7/22/16 – 7/24/16 and paid twice as much, $60 a night, for a private beach and cabana as opposed to others who were located behind us.

The first day we were there was very nice other than the lot size being incredibly small. However, on Saturday it all changed – our “private” beach area had a boat, a jet ski and a tube that didn’t belong to us, along with about 15 beach chairs just to the right of our cabana. My husband spoke with one of the women in the group and she told him that they paid the lady money to use that section of beach. We called the office and the woman said she would take care of it. We went out for dinner and when we came back the group from behind us was still there. We called again and were told that they were “nice” people and they were told they could stay. We spent the rest of the day and night in our RV and packed up and left early Sunday morning.

We also learned from talking with another “guest” that most people with the private areas had rented them for 4-6 months so any premium lots are already taken so don’t fool yourself into thinking you’ll get a decent spot.

There was absolutely no security, a heavy party atmosphere, and considering it’s an Arizona resort most guests were from California. We also learned that the spot we had been rented was a repaired sink hole, the breakers snapped at least 3 times, even though we were in a 50 amp plug and the curfew wasn’t even remotely enforced, there were fireworks being set off next to us until after midnight.

So, my advice – rent the $30 spots in the back and go ahead and squat on the River because nobody will challenge you anyway. We won’t be going back, not because of the view but because of the inability of the staff to manage to the written policies.


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