Californian RV Resort – Acton, CA

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Californian RV Resort was the only decent RV park in the Lancaster/Palmdale area. It’s located off a busy highway. My GPS (Magellan) had trouble with this, just as another reviewer posted. Better yet, it appears that a good majority of the spots are “pull through” with some “back in” around the perimeter.

I had made a reservation, but it wasn’t really necessary, park had plenty of spots available. Since this was off season, they were ok with me arriving a day later than originally scheduled; they let me slice off one night without penalty. The entrance to the park is steeply sloped, and when I turned in from the highway, I “sc*d bottom” (I have a 30 foot class C). The slots are relatively level, but very narrow. You cannot park a car next to your RV, and there is a sliver of pavement to walk on next to your RV on both sides. If you have enough room, you can park a SMALL car in back or front of the RV. If you have a large car, there are extra parking lots around the park. The slots are terraced, there is a small width of grass between each RV slot.

As for “full-timers,” the park has a rule that guests can stay only 90 days, then they have to leave for 72 hours. Don’t know if this is enforced. The manager stated that the free wireless is only accessible in the office. My spot was farther up the hill, and sometimes I was able to get the wireless in my RV, sometimes not. Didn’t matter whether I used it in the office or in my RV, it was slow, might as well have been on dialup! The cable has about 40 channels, not bad.

The restroom/shower building was ok, not sparkling clean, but ok. The laundry building has a good supply of washers and dryers. The only bad thing is, this is a huge park (176 spaces, I counted!) and all the laundry facilities are in one building in the center of the park. If you are not close to the center, it’s a hike! Up and down hills (the whole park is terraced), there are no “straight short cuts.” This could be a problem for those with health/respiratory issues. I would have preferred maybe three smaller laundry areas as opposed to one large area, but maybe there is a reason they have it this way.

There is a pool, spa, and exercise room, but I didn’t get a chance to use any of these facilities during my stay.


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