Kit Fox RV Park – Patterson, CA

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This is a beautiful RV park out in the middle of nowhere! I stopped here because the RV parks in Sacramento and Stockton did not give me a “warm fuzzy” feeling so I kept on going and ended up here. The good news is… the RV park is just a short walk (3 tenths of a mile) from a good selection of restaurants and a hotel built specifically for the “overnighter passing through.” (There is a town around here somewhere, but it was farther down the road.) The bad news is…. No cable! You have to pull in channels via your RV antenna. The reception is adequate, a little fuzzy but adequate. If you have a digital TV, you will get some good reception. Further, there is a “watch out” factor. There is only one entrance/exit to the RV park. The manager said that when you leave, and go out, be very careful. It’s a left turn to get out and go back to the freeway. If you take that left turn, the road coming from the left is a blind curve. It’s difficult to see who is coming from the left when you pull out of the park. The manager said that people don’t always obey the 25 mph speed limit on that road.

This park has about 150 slots, but only 13 of them are “pull through.” Because of this, the manager won’t assign you a “pull through” unless you are 45 feet or longer. The park does have wireless, but it’s a little slow (might as well have been dialup!!!), even though I had a spot close to the transmitter! (The manager asked me if having wireless was important to me, and I said “YES!”)

The one big downer to this park is that this area can get very windy! However, this is a good overnight stop, especially if you don’t feel like cooking your own dinner!


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