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Yosemite Pines RV Park – Groveland, CA

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Yosemite Pines RV Park – Groveland, CA

Our family has taken our RV on the road so we can enjoy our stay where ever we are. We have room for five to sleep comfortable. I just loved Yosemite RV Park! We had a choice of full hook-ups or just water/electricity. We selected the full hookup because the costs were so reasonable.

There were quite a few other RV families like us, and everyone got together and had a fine time. Our children met others the same age and were able to swim and play sports together. We met people we will stay in contact with. When the kids were out using up their energy, us more sedate folks took in a movie.

Yosemite RV Park has something for everyone it seems. They have these huts and places to pitch a tent. They have very nice cabins that sleep up to 10 or 12. And you get to choose what kind of slot you want for your RV. Since we didn’t have to worry about it being too warm, we choose a place where we had beautiful outdoor views.

The staff and management were very accommodating. They told us about things we could do in the area as well as just visiting Yosemite. When we drove through Yosemite it was more than I expected. The snow capped mountains looked like they should be in a Hollywood movie. The kids were interested in all the Indian names for cities and creeks.

We had our own fire pit where we could cook out and different folks took turns cooking for the others. It was wonderful! Yosemite RV Park has a very homey feeling for those who are away from their actual homes.

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  1. Ever since I was a kid I have wanted to visit the Redwood National Park, but it will be too far from where we are going in Washington, so I figured Yosemite would be the next best destination. I will be renting an RV for our vacation for our first time, so that will be interesting. While the kids and I are exploring, my wife has a Tailgater portable satellite dish that she can use to watch TV while she is with the baby. That is convenient for her and it is so easy to set up she does it herself, especially since it finds the satellite automatically. This year we’re talking a week like usual, but I’m considering extending that since the RV will be so nice to travel in, and easier on my wife.

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