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This is a very well maintained park despite it’s size… over 700 sites! The Destiny Oasis RV Resort is located just south of the strip, past the airport and next to the Interstate. Despite it’s location, it wasn’t overly noisy although some might consider it a nuisance.

We consider this RV park to be one of the best maintained we have stayed at. The grass was green (watch out for those sprinklers!) and everything was neat and clean. The showers and bathrooms were some of the largest I’ve seen… very clean too! This campground has an excellent store with plenty of groceries, food and RV supplies. The staff was very helpful and offered us suggestions for things to do with the kids and tons of places to eat. They have very nice pools too, including one for adults only. There is a free van service to the casinos and plenty of other amenities round out the features of this RV park.

On the downside… it was crowded and there were too many “permanent” campers, which always takes the wind out of my vacations. It’s hard to get into camping mode when you’re surrounded by people who have set up permanent amenities for themselves. Nothing against them, I may be one some day. It just dampens the experience.


  1. We stayed at this resort in the summer of 2009. We absolutely loved our stay there. The staff were very friendly and helpful, and the grounds were very well maintained. We found plenty of activities to do at the resort. It was great to be able to return to the resort after a day at the Vegas strip and be able to kick back and relax. We`ve been RVing for many years, and consider this resort to be our best find yet!

  2. Stacy and Stan were mostly correct…a real nice park. We stayed for a month in the fall of 08. They close one of the 2 pools for the winter so there is no adult only pool. The Wi-fi (extra $) doesn’t work unless you go to the office and the Silverton Casino accross the street has noisy concerts til 2 am on the weekends. If you can put up with those things the rest is great.

  3. We stayed here in 2006 for what was suppose to be 3 weeks. We had been told where the dog walk was that was closest to our site. We used this for several days then one evening we were taking the dogs down to the dog walk and a site that I had noticed had a 14′ fence around patio area now had a very large dog in it. As we walked past the dog cleared the fence with no effort and attacked my golden retriever. My husband beat the dog off and then the owner came out and said well looks as if your dog is OK and sorry.

    This resort has a dog policy stating that your dog must be on a leash no longer than 6′ and if your animals are outside you have to be too. We complained to management and they sent a security man down along with the owner of the vicious dog, (by the way their policy also states that you are not allowed to have vicious dogs) and was told again they were sorry but maybe I should use another dog walk so as not too disturb this vicious animal again. When we were not satisfied with this response or the non action being taken, we were asked to leave. I later on a trip to the office could see why they were not doing anything about this matter as the owner of the vicious dog and the manager our friends.

    I would never stay here again and I would suggest that if you have animals of the non vicious type that maybe it would be a good idea not to stay here as they only protect the vicious dogs.


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