Pony Express RV Resort – North Salt Lake City, UT

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What beautiful mountain Views! While visiting in North Salt Lake city we stayed at the Pony Express RV Resort. While the mountains were beautiful the camp ground was far that.

The poor attitude of the management sent us down the road to the next camp ground “toot sweet”. I felt like they didn’t like kids, pets, or full-time campers. They are called an “RV Resort” but they have 140 concrete pads on the corner of 2 major express ways… not the kind of camping a full-timer would like anyway.

The campground had no shade trees and limited grass areas. They seem to be working out some “opening” growing pains and have several issues with electricity. Maybe if they work through there growing pains they would be acceptable one day but right now I would rather go to one of the other SLC area campgrounds…

Just my “two cents”. But in any case… gotta love those mountains! “Camping is God’s way of showing us his Masterpieces”


  1. This is a really great campground! My family and I have gone there every year for the past decade or so. I definitely recommend it

  2. This is hands down the best place to ski and be involved in many other winter sports. I love it there! If you haven’t seen it, you MUST must must check it out this season. Plus there are some of the best restaurants around!

  3. I thought this campground would be a great alternative to the KOA… how wrong could I be? They began tearing up the roads on this “new” park a week after I arrived (No notice!) . Today I return home and find a note on the door stating that there won’t be power in the park from 8am to 5pm for the next 3 days (not even 24hrs notice). In my opinion they have absolutely no consideration for their guests.
    Very unlevel parking pads, little room to park your tow vechicle, and poorly maintained shower facilities. The laundry was only open during office hours (9am- 6pm). Not that I was a big fan of the KOA but if you’re headed to Salt Lake I would definitely recommend the national chain.

  4. We stay at Pony Express whenever we re in the Utah area.
    Mainly for the convience of the location to family members.
    We spent two weeks there this past March.
    The resort is correcting a electrical problem that has plagued the resort since opening and should be done in a month or so.

  5. We visit my wife’s family in Utah at least three times a year and have stayed at Pony Express, each time we’re there, as it is centrally located for us. We have never had any problems with the resort or the staff. The only “complaint” we have is there aren’t more RV resorts in the area.

  6. I was also at the “Pony Express RV Resort” in North Salt Lake City, UTAH. We wanted to spend a week but after 2 days we could not take the “smell”! Camp is located right across from the refinery and there is alot of stagnate water around the park. It was the middle of July and we were afraid of getting “west nile” from all the mesquites and stagnate water. We voiced our concerns to a shorter-larger lady in the office and they told us “we could always leave”! I couldn’t believe it! So we did! Talk about giving UTAH a bad name! But I will say we went north towards Logan and the area was beautiful and the people were great…

    We really enjoy the feed-back we get from this sight! Keep up the good work…



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